[Photograph by: Thatcher Kelley]

Our fair city’s been abuzz with activity in the past couple years, and we figured it was time to dust off¬†The Modern List¬†and get some fresh spots incorporated. It goes without saying that there will be places to add/edit in the coming months (or, let’s be honest, days)¬†with development impacting the life and culture of Seattle at all scales. This refresh, as always, is a work in progress. We’ll try to keep up without such an extended hiatus for the next round. These are exciting times to be living in‚ÄĒand visiting‚ÄĒSeattle.


One would think this town’s already surpassed the saturation point of local coffee shops. One would be wrong. Here’s just a sampling of some shops that have opened recently‚ÄĒfocusing heavily on local (Portland included) and national third-wave coffee roasters.

 Analog Coffee at 235 Summit Ave E, 206.678.7443

[Image Credit: Capitol Hill Seattle]

 Ballard Coffee Works* at 2060 NW Market St, 206.340.8867

[Image Credit: My Ballard]

¬†Bar Ferd’nand Coffee¬†at¬†1531 Melrose Ave, 206.623.5882

[Image Credit: BUILD llc]

 Milstead & Co. at 770 North 34th St, 206.979.0010

[Image Credit: Brian David Casey]

The food culture in the city has seen a boom in mobile food trucks, but also a transition of trucks getting their brick-and-mortar businesses off‚ÄĒor¬†rather in‚ÄĒthe ground. Traditional brunch/lunch spots have their mainstay, but we’re seeing a forward push toward traditional foods, techniques, and experience. With a modern bent, of course.

 Bastille at 5307 Ballard Ave NW, 206.453.5014

[Image Credit: Seattle Met Magazine]

¬†Dot’s Delicatessen¬†at¬†4262 Fremont Ave N, 206.453.5232

[Image Credit: Fremont Universe]

 Eltana at 1538 12th Ave, 206.724.0660

[Image Credit: Aaron Lietz]

 Local 360 at 2234 1st Ave, 206.441.9360

[Image Credit: Only In Seattle]

 Maximus Minimus location varies

[Image Credit: Wikimedia.org]

 Skillet Diner at 1400 E Union St, 206.512.2000

[Image Credit: Seattle Times]

Keeping up with the dining scene is almost as hard as keeping up with the weather around here. Not only are there the newest hotspots, we try to stay abreast of relocated favorites, closures, and renames/revamps/refreshes. Thankfully, there are just as many food blogs and websites tracking everything. Seattle’s doing well keeping the bar high on impressive meals‚ÄĒand spaces in which to enjoy them‚ÄĒand gaining some well-deserved national recognition for it. Here are some of the spots we’ve got (or soon will get) checked off our list.

 Altura at 617 Broadway E, 206.402.6749

[Image Credit: Seattle Met Magazine]

 Bar del Corso at 3057 Beacon Ave S, 206.395.2069

[Image Credit: Seattle Magazine]

 Belle Clementine at 5451 Leary Ave NW, 206.257.5761

[Image Credit: Belle Clementine]

 La Bête at 615 19th Ave E, 206.329.4047

[Image Credit: Seattle Magazine]

 Revel at 403 N 36th St, 206.547.2040

[Image Credit: Gruman & Nicoll]

 Terra Plata at 1531 Melrose Ave, 206.324.0637

[Image Credit: The Stranger]

The Modern List could have easily become a list full of new bars. But in the interest of representing the gamut of a modern experience in Seattle (instead of merely an inebriated one), we had some editing to do. Seattle loves its happy hours and cocktails. And beer. And wine. Craft distilleries are popping up in greater measure as of late, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from a place where a do-it-yourself attitude pervades.

 Artusi at 1535 14th Ave, 206.251.7673

[Image Credit: Whitney Wu]

 Bitterroot at 5239 Ballard Ave NW, 206.588.1577

[Image Credit: Seattle Met Magazine]

 Canon at 928 12th Ave, 206.325.6947

[Image Credit: Canon]

¬†Hilliard’s Beer¬†at¬†1550 NW 49th St,¬†206.915.3303

[Image Credit: Fast Co Design]

 Rob Roy 2332 2nd Ave, 206.956.8423

[Image Credit: Rob Roy]

 The Sexton at 5327 Ballard Ave NW, 206.829.8645

[Image Credit: SeattleBars.org]

Sweet treats have become a hot trend, commanding their own dedicated shops. Whether it’s cupcakes, doughnuts, pies, or scoops, Seattle’s got the dessert scene covered. And a handful have some handsome interiors to sweeten the overall experience.

 Bluebird Microcreamery* at 7400 Greenwood Ave N, 206-588-1079

[Image Credit: Eater Seattle]

¬†D’Ambrosio Gelato*¬†at¬†5339 Ballard Ave NW, 206.327.9175

[Image Credit: Gelato D’Ambrosio]

 High 5 Pie at 1400 12th Ave, 206.328.6544

[Image Credit: Food Hipster 206]

 Hotel Ballard, 5300 Ballard Ave NW, 206.789.5011

[Image Credit: Priceline]

 Hotel Monaco, 1101 4th Ave, 888.454.8397

[Image Credit: Fodors]

The landscape of brick-and-mortar retails shops has gone through some tough times in the past few years. We’ve seen many unfortunate closures, but have also witnessed some refreshing and unexpected openings.

 Book Larder at 4252 Fremont Ave N, 206.397.4271

[Image Credit: Jazzed.com]

 Blackbird* at 2208 NW Market St, 206.547.2524

[Image Credit: Blackbird]

 O B J E C T 2316 2nd Ave, 206.459.3876

[Image Credit: OBJECT]

 The Palm Room at 5336 Ballard Ave NW, 206.782.7256

[Image Credit: Palm Room]

 Paper Hammer at 1400 2nd Ave, 206.682.3820

[Image Credit: Paper Hammer]

light-blue-a Sugarpill Apothecary at 900 E. Pine St, 206.402.3789

[Image Credit: Sugarpill]

The greenspace in Seattle is getting a big boost. Pocket parks, community gardens, and larger scale city parks are emerging in nearly every neighborhood. For a city going through its growing pains amidst densification, these landscapes will become more important than ever.

 Counterbalance Park at 2 Roy St

[Image Credit: Flickr.com/eventide]

 Lake Union Park at 860 Terry Ave N

[Image Credit: Findwell.com]

 Seven Hills Park at E Howell St + 16th Ave, by Mithun

[Image Credit: Year Of Seattle Parks]

 Summit Slope Park at Summit Ave E + E John St, by Mithun

[Image Credit: Seattle P-I]

 Bo Concept at 901 Western Ave 206.464.9999

[Image Credit: Bo Concept]

 Non-Sign II at  U.S.-Canada Border in Blaine, WA by Lead Pencil Studio

[Image Credit: Fast Co Design]

The ever-changing art scene in the city keeps us on our toes. From First Thursdays, to a slew of regular¬†neighborhood¬†artwalks, and the fine museums scattered about, there’s never a shortage of creative activity brewing on any given night. Gallery clusters, artist collectives, and re-imagined spaces for exhibition have become the new normal.

 4Culture at 101 Prefontaine Pl S, 206.296.7580 ‎

[Image Credit: 4 Culture]

 FICTILIS at 210 S Washington St, 206.552.0219

[Image Credit: FICTIS]

 [storefront] Olson Kundig at 406 Occidental Ave S, 206.501.1231

[Image Credit: Olson Kundig]

 Storefronts Seattle locations vary

[Image Credit: The New Pioneer Square]

 Tashiro Kaplan Building + Lofts at 115 Prefontaine Pl S, 206.223.1160 ‎

[Image Credit: 4 Culture]

*See website for additional locations

As always, let us know what makes your Modern List and also anything we missed.

Cheers from Team BUILD