This edition of OtR is overflowing with incredible design, designers, and design events. No better way to kick off a new year than with some highly inspired activity brewing within the creative community. Let us know what’s been grabbing your attention and spinning your wheels these days in the comments section below.

Get familiar with Theaster Gates. Chicago-based artist, designer, cultural change-maker. His time is ripe in Seattle with an ongoing exhibit at the SAM and an upcoming lecture at the University of Washington.

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BUILD’s online presentation of social media for architects and designers is now live. The content is essentially what was presented at Reinvention. Check it out here.
-thanks to Hanley Wood

We recently had the pleasure of meeting the sharp minds over at Dallas-based Shipley Architects.
-thanks to Dan

Arkin Tilt Architects out of Berkeley, California creates sharp, warm, and naturally responsive spaces. Take a look.
-thanks to Rob

Keep tabs on the progress of a modern bungalow in Austin, Texas by Salas Design Workshop llc.
-thanks to Tony

E. Fay Jones-style church designed by BDCM Architects out of Omaha, Nebraska.
-thanks to Kevin

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This video of Alvaro Siza will inspire you. We wish nothing more than to be this happy and playful when we’re his age.
-thanks to Kelly

For some visual candy, check out the photo gallery of the Lake Lugano House by JM Architecture out of Milan, Italy.
-thanks to Mike

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Thomas Haas artisan chocolatier from Vancouver, BC knows his chocolate. And his design. A clear focus on design in their packaging, inventive execution of their product, and a well-honed attention to detail elevates their product to meet the high standards of the food-loving architect’s discriminating palate.
-thanks to Terri

The Frank Lloyd Wright designed Tracy House is opening up for a public tour, which only comes up every few years. On the heels of a recent write-up in Seattle Met, The EcoHome Foundation is hosting this event on January 21st near Seattle, WA. Tickets are $35. Contact Larry Woodin for details and registration.
-thanks to Larry

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Our friends Lauren & Kyle did a fantastic job documenting the recent house tour for the Hanley-Wood Reinvention seminar in Phoenix.
-thanks to Lauren

The work of French photographer Thomas Jorion¬†deserves your full attention. It’s worth your while to check out the entire gallery. Haunting, spectacular, elegant work. We’ll leave it at that and let the images speak for themselves.
-thanks to T.s. Flock

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Swiss designer Herbert Matter is a name you ought to know.  Matter was a boundary-pusher who redefined the worlds of photography and graphics. And, no surprise, his friends and peers did the same in their spheres: Alexander Calder, Jackson Pollock, Charles and Ray Eames, anyone? The Visual Language of Herbert Matter dives head-first into the work and personality of this pivotal art figure. Icing on the cake: it also provides a fascinating backstory to the life and work of the Eameses, making a fitting, if unintentional, counterpoint to the other recently released design documentary.

We bet you’ve come across the¬†video¬†that was circulating the social media channels (particularly if you are or know an architect…or rapper), but it’s worth another mention. A refreshing take on design and planning from outside the echo-chamber:¬†Ice Cube talks about Eames, architecture, and the sociology of Los Angeles traffic.
-thanks to Chris

Redefine “cabin fever” with this collection of¬†daydream-caliber cabin architecture. ¬†Browse, dream, and enjoy.
-thanks to Brian

Little Monster blog provides a unique perspective on urbanism from an architectural photographer.
-thanks to Matthew

Some friends of ours in Alberta, Canada recently finished up a blog chronicling the design and construction of their home. We can’t get enough of these modern house blogs.
-thanks to Chris

It’s a tale we’ve all heard before, but perhaps not quite like this. The architect as his own client in¬†The Zabel Project.
-thanks to Steve

Has anyone else noticed the tidal wave of fun, inspiring, and eye-opening architecture and design tumblrs (and related meta-sites) that are popping up every¬†single day?¬†It’s hard to keep up, but that’s what friends and hyperlinks are for. We recently caught wind of¬†a beautifully-curated one¬†worth multiple pages of scrolling.¬†Fair warning: This site is the channel that will release you a pool of beautiful design tumblrs…which will, in turn, take you down the waterfall of a hundred more. Go, enjoy the ride.
-thanks to Gavin

Who says published works have to be printed on paper, or blasted on the web? The world is a canvas. (Within reason, of course.) The 16th Issue of the quarterly publication, The Thing, challenges old media notions and opens up new horizons for the possibilities of publishing. And, it doubles as a spectacular housewarming gift.
-thanks to Jenny

Barcelona-based furniture designer, Kunquad, makes some sleek and playful chairs. It’s hard to choose favorites, but we’re particularly fond of the wood chairs.

Lately, we’ve been dabbling in some screen-printing on the side. Keeping it minimal, modern, and monochrome. Want your very own? Follow us on twitter for details on the giveaway.


Cheers to the New Year, Team BUILD.