BUILDblog Senior Correspondent Josiah Johnson has yet again put together an exciting list of hot and modern links for the Fall.  Where does this guy find the time to track down all these links?

Now not only can we grill faster, we can get to the picnic faster with these well-handling speedy BBQ’s. Check out these grills by Brennwagen.

Check out these beautiful sculptural pieces for your home by Quarterre Products. They also double as bike racks.

This is an amazing video of Manhattan seen through time lapse by Mindrelic.

And here is another one of “The Arctic Light” by TSO photography

Where do you go to swim when it is hot in Manhattan? How about a pool floating in the East River? This is the Plus Pool, a theoretical project gaining funding to become a reality.

Then where do you go when you want more open space in Manhattan?  How about underground.  The cleverly named Low Line makes use of the abandoned trolley tunnels on the Lower East Side.

[rendering by Raad Studio]

Check out this rooftop deck by Graftworks Design Research  in Greenwich Village

Not only is the work of Studio MK27 stunning, but their website is pretty slick too.

This is a beautiful pre-fab home located in Nevada by Nottoscale architects. The location for this house was so remote it was actually pre-fabricated five hours away in Reno, Nevada.

[photo by Joe Fletcher]

For some nice work  down under, check out Peter Stutchbury Architects.

Nord is creating some beautiful crisp, clean modern work out of Europe.

And here are your modern architects out of the Hamptons. These guys have a unique modern style all of their own, Stelle Architects

Lend your eye balls to Austin Texas’ Andersson-Wise for a moment and check out their house sided with firewood.

Thomas Phifer & Partners is at it with some clean modern lines.

And last but not least a flickr stream from Chu e Kato of a very unique apartment in Sao Paulo. Don’t just glance over this one, there are some very hot hidden details.  Click here for their full flikr stream

Cheers and Happy Fall from team BUILD and Josiah.