It’s been a bit since we did an OtR post and we’ve got some cool links stacking up here at the BUILD World Headquarters; here’s all the stuff we’ve been looking to for inspiration lately.

The “apple bowl” dish design by Grant Achatz for restaurant Alinea in Chicago is brilliant
-thanks to Corby

We’re big fans of the quiet, abstract, meditative environments that Miya Ando creates.
-thanks to Jerry

For some simple, clever and useful design, head on over to Ameico. The uber-versatile Smith is many things, and anything but boring.

Finally! Some cat toys that don’t look like carpet clad spec homes.
-thanks to Anson

The designers over at Geneva audio systems have figured out a nice compliment to the iPod.

The Modu-licious Desk(ette)s from Blu Dot  are clean, simple and powder-coated – just the way we like them.

These well-designed fire extinguishers will have you looking for excuses to use them. “Accidentally,” of course.

If you only buy table lamps that are 97% recyclable, this is the one for you. On top of that, the Brazo Table Lamp features an energy efficient light source and extreme adjustability.

On the other hand, if classic look and feel is your thing, check out the Jielde Signal Lamp.

The top minimalist watch around.

We recently had an opportunity to work with the hot-shots over at HSV Engineers. It was a tight deadline, extremely short notice and HSV delivered. Give these guys (and gals) a shout the next time you need to get some brains and muscle behind your projects.
-thanks to Julie

[Architecture by E. Cobb Inc., Photo by Paul Warchol]

If you’re as much of a Carlo Scarpa fan as we are, you we delighted to hear that the Olivetti showroom in Venice’s Piazzo San Marco has recently been painstakingly refurbished. The shop now has its original appearance and Scarpa can rest peacefully.
-thanks to Brian

We’ve been checking out Studio Mumbai lately; the work is striking, raw and authentic.
-thanks to Billie

This rammed earth home by Dust Design Build caught our attention for its crisp design and beautiful documentation.
-thanks to Nicholas

Very few individuals have the passion and drive to not only remodel their home themselves, but beautifully document it all from beginning to end. That’s exactly what Lauren and Kyle Zerbey have done with their Chezerbey blog. After a long day of manual labor (or womanual labor) it takes a lot of discipline to get nice shots and document it all in a blog post -but the Seattle couple has been steadfast with their coverage, give them your eyeballs for a bit will ya.

What was once the realm of dedicated craftsmen has been made widely available thanks to Bolefloor.
-thanks to Brian T

Zimoun builds fascinating explorations into architectural sound.
-thanks to John

The animated sculptures of Bernard Reyboz are downright mesmerizing.
-thanks to Andrée-Anne

Jason deCaires Taylor has created a fascinating series of underwater sculpture parks and a great excuse to holiday in Cancun.
-thanks to Jerry

Northwest Fine Woodworking in Seattle’s Pioneer Square is currently having its 3rd annual Rising Star Show. In addition to some stellar pieces, there’s also a couple of our SPD works in the mix.

A 5,000 megapixel photo of the entire night sky stitched together from 37,440 exposures
-thanks to Greg

30 years of the space shuttle were beautifully diagrammed and posted by NPR.

-thanks to Janvin and Gizmodo

This delightful diagram highlights a number of our favorite drinks. The Zombie, for instance, is the only thing one of our designers drinks while vacationing.

Seattleite Lou Maxon has been doing a stellar job documenting the design process (and eventual construction) of his new modern home outside of Seattle. Dwell has picked up the coverage and you can check out all the action here.
-thanks to Lou

We’re big fans of well presented online portfolios up-to-date with forward thinking work. Check out the work of Richard Rano for a very good example.
-thanks to Rich

The University of Washington department of architecture recently started a blog and it’s a great way to stay connected with the hot-shots coming up the ranks,  check it out here.
-thanks to Eryn

We’ve had some very addicting tunes pumping at the BUILD World Headquarters lately. Try some of this out (from left to right): Death Cab for Cutie’s “Codes and Keys”, REM’s “Collapse into Now”, Made in Heights’ “Winter Pigeons”, Thievery Corporation’s “Culture of Fear”, and Son Volt’s “American Central Dust”.

cheers, and let us know what’s been inspiring you lately…