It’s a big day here at the BUILD World Headquarters and we’ve got some exciting news to share. Several months ago we collaborated with the talented folks over at FRANK on a documentary short film based on the work of BUILD LLC and our design inspirations. Today we’re happy to announce that the film is complete and available for your viewing pleasure. The footage dives into some of our favorite projects, allows us to speak about our design philosophy, and gives a peek at some projects that powerfully influence us. Pull up a seat and check it out here:

We’re big fans of the dynamic nature of architecture and the film does a wonderful job of capturing the movement, light and tactile qualities of design. We had a blast working with Brandon, Kevin and Melissa on the filming and we’re honored to be the focus of their hard work and expertise. We want to extend a huge thanks to our friends at Parallels for taking an interest and funding the film. It’s just extraordinary to see individuals and groups come together, get involved, and create a cultural piece like this. We’re flattered to have a role and hats off to the hard working people that made it happen.

Cheers from team BUILD.