[Woodway Residence by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, photo by Nic Lehoux]

Here in the rainy Pacific Northwest, the entrance to a home is a good indication of an architect’s design ability. How the architecture keeps the drizzle off your head while you search for your keys or wait for your host, says quite a bit about how the house was designed and how well it works. As important as entry canopies are, they are all too often overlooked and become stick-on details at the tail-end of the design process. This is unfortunate, as the entry canopy has a functional purpose and, at the same time, must integrate with the design of the home. It would seem that a well considered entry encapsulates everything about good design.

[Benson Lake Cabin by BUILD LLC]

Good design takes into account the weather of the region and placement of the structure on the site. Good design accommodates the lifestyle of the inhabitants without becoming a loud design feature. Good design doesn’t allow you to get soaked while you wait for the door to open.

For today’s post we’re breaking down the entry canopy into 8 species, each with a couple of or favorite examples. Hit that comments button and share your favorite canopy concepts out there…

East Columbia Street Residence in Seattle by E. Cobb Architects, photo by Paul Warchol

Schulman Residence in Brentwood California by Steven Ehrlich Architects, photo by Tom Bonner

Portage Bay Residence in Seattle by Olson Sundberg, photo by Ben Benschneider

Davidson Residence in Magnolia Washington by BUILD LLC, photo by BUILD LLC

A House in the Garden in Kromeriz Czech Republic by Archteam, photo by Ester Havlova,

Villa Mairea in Normarkku Finland by Alvar Aalto, photo by Per Nagel

Woodway Residence in Washington by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, photos by Nic Lehoux

Innis Arden Residence near Seattle by BUILD LLC, photo by BUILD LLC

House in Celaya, Mexico by Grupo LBC

Leschi Residence in Seattle by E. Cobb Architects, photo by Paul Warchol

Fauntleroy II in Seattle by George Suyama, photo by Lara Swimmer

Misonou House in Hiroshima, Japan by Suppose Design Office, photo by Nacasa & Partners Inc.

Innfeld House in Schwarzenberger Austria by Dietrich + Untertrifaller Architekten

MAXmin House in Damascus Pennsylvania by Smith-Miller + Hawkinson Architects, photo by Paul Warchol

Bainbridge Island Residence near Seattle by BUILD LLC, photo by Art Grice

Saltwater Residence in New South Wales, Australia by Gabriel Poole, photo by Eric Victor