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As you may know, the BUILDblog is a huge supporter of Shelterbox. About a year ago we took a thorough survey of disaster relief organizations and Shelterbox was by far the most sensible, innovative and strategic of the groups out there. When we donate resources, organize fundraising events or participate in events, we know that it results in direct benefits to the victims on the ground with Shelterbox. We just can’t give enough props to this extraordinary organization.

The news from Japan has been horrendous and alarming. The volume of pictures, videos and coverage continues to be incredibly informative; at the same time this inundation of media brings about a feeling of powerlessness. It hits home all the more here in the Pacific Northwest, where many of the same natural variables exist. We’re directing our money and our time at this concern and we’ve got a few important items to post today, should you choose to join us at chipping in and helping out some people in serious need.

On Thursday March 17th, we invite you to join us at Picnic at 6801 Greenwood Ave North on Seattle’s Phinney Ridge for JAPAN BENEFIT via ShelterBoxUSA. The $20 suggested wine tasting fee will be donated to ShelterBoxUSA.org. BUILD will be there helping to raise some serious cash for ShelterBox-Japan. More info here.

If you’re not in the Seattle area you can contribute to Shelterbox directly and help fend of suffering in Japan. Just hit the link here.

The New York Times has done an excellent job conveying the magnitude of this disaster via graphic communication. The images below quantify the most important metrics of the disaster and do so in a compelling, intelligent way. Detailed data for these images can be found at the source.

This series of before and after slider photos also dials in the degree of damage.

We’re always interested in hearing about additional resources that deliver solutions, share what you’ve got and we’ll see you at Picnic on Thursday.
Get the play by play on Shelterbox and the BUILDblog.