Part of the modernist vocabulary in architecture is the use of floor to ceiling glazing. It’s a sharp, clean look that achieves transparency between inside and out. When executed masterfully, it’s as if the glass isn’t even there.

Lately we’ve been seeing a handful of projects that take the idea a step further: floor to roof glazing. It’s a detail that has really caught our attention and we’ve got crazy respect for CKR and Odos, both firms that have done a fantastic job of integrating the detail into their designs.

We’re currently working on a project that could benefit from tall walls of glass and a minimal roof profile. We’re not yet certain if this particular detail is the right application, but being the nuts and bolts kinda guys that we are, we took a crack at detailing out something similar. And what’s the fun of figuring something out if you can’t share it.

Today’s post reviews the glass to roof detail that we’ve designed up. Our detail is a bit chunkier than the photos above – we added in roof venting to maintain air circulation, a curb to keep roof drainage moving in the right direction and plenty of insulation to meet the new energy code. Click here for the full size detail.