You know the drill, the OtR post is what we’ve been researching and coming across lately. A lot of it has been sent to us by blog readers who want to stay involved. Much of the work influences us and inspires us…

JSA out of Norway is doing some stunning work; check out their Juvet Landscape Hotel and the Mortensrud Church.
-a big huge thanks to eyecandy

Check out Battersby Howat out of Vancouver B.C. for some warm Pacific Northwest modernism.

Our friends over at Patano+Hafermann Architects just completed the very handsome Casa Z on Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill. Nicely done Chris and Laura.
-thanks to Chris

The Catskill Mountain House caught our attention for its clean lines and its unclutteredness. It was designed by the extremely talented Audrey Matlock.
-thanks to Edition 29

We’re big fans of the Houl House by Simon Winstanley Architects out of Scotland. It’s simple, disciplined and light filled.
-thanks to modresdes

Smith + Tracy Architects out of Australia are doing a fantastic job of bringing modernisms to a range of project types (including retirement living). Big kudos.
-thanks to Ramiro

We had a chance to check out the Northwest Corner Building on the Columbia Campus the last time we were in New York. It’s finally complete and this glowing gem is the new connection between Columbia and Morningside Heights. Hats off to Jose Rafael Moneo for another master work.
-thanks to Kevin

Also in NYC news; we haven’t had the chance to kick the tires on this one yet but Gehry’s new residential skyscraper is topped out and nearing completion.

It’s like Christmas each year around here when Nicholas Felton releases his annual Feltron report. Past reports have been infectious to the extent of informing the new look of graphic analysis in the design world –and the 2010 report delivers.
-thanks to Nicholas

The Flickr hive mind is a forward-thinking concept; it’s also a fun way to view images.

The University of Washington Department of Architecture is calling all entries for the annual Headlines Exhibit. This show tends to be the who’s who of Architects in Seattle. Failing to get work in the show is on par with not having a website <queue the tumbleweeds rolling by>. If you’re a Seattle architect, the submission form can be found here, if you’re simply a fan of good design you can get more information about the exhibit opening here.
-thanks to Susan

Get your furniture addiction taken care of over at weheart.
-thanks to Ramiro

Our buddy Greg Lundgren, of Lundgren Monuments, recently launched new urn collections by artists Arne Pihl and Timothy Foss. The pieces bring a higher level of craftsmanship, design and individuality to current offerings in urns and memorials. We’re big fans.
-thanks to Greg

It’s always nice to check in with the Swedes, y’know -see how they’re living and what they’re up to.
-thanks to Dot

Remember that incredibly cool modern house from the film The Ghost Writer? When we set out to research the architect, we found out that it was nothing but sets -inside and out. Incredible and unfortunate.

We’re excited that SHoP Architects out of NYC just got a big commission to design a massive affordable housing complex in Long Island City, Queens –they’ll do a smashing job.

We end up lugging around camera equipment more and more these days, so when we saw the Camera and Laptop Messenger Bag by ONA BAGS it was love at first site.
-thanks to materialicious

Pre-fab has had a tough go in the residential market, but this pre-fab school may give the concept legs in the academic and institutional world. It may also get rid of a few of those awful portable classroom trailers.

Is it really difficult being an architect in America? It’s difficult to be a female intellectual in Kandahar. It’s difficult to raise a family living on waste products in the garbage dumps of China. It’s difficult to find your way as a child in Malawi, where the infection rate of HIV/AIDS is 17 percent, having already wiped out a generation of mothers and fathers. It’s difficult to overcome drug addiction from the quicksand of poverty and incarceration in America’s overpopulated prisons. These conditions are difficult. Being an architect is not difficult.

Bruce Mau knocks it out the of the park and gives architects a good shaking, more here
-thanks to Rachel A

Local Architect Ross Chapin is a champion of community and he’s just released a book about neighborhoods. Check it out here.
-thanks to Jerry

Get on board the conversation and let us know what you’re DOing out there.