There’s some very serious work going on in the far northwest, nope not Seattle, farther north and farther west. Way up there on the last frontier Black + White Studio Architects is bringing modernism to Alaska and you should get your eyes on their work.
-thanks to dsmith

While a bit complicated, we can’t get our eyes off the T-House by Atelier Boronski.
-thanks to Ramiro and Contemporist

The work of Geir Grung was fresh on our radar. We’re really enjoying the bold forms and ambitious structures.
-thanks to Erik

It’s always refreshing to see a General Contractor’s website that is well organized, regularly updated and inspiring. Hats off to Roberts Wygal for doing just that.
-thanks to Owen and Bryan

We’re big fans of the work that Steve McGehee has focused on with garbage and transfer stations here in the Pacific Northwest.
-thanks to Carol

We’re diggin the Wannekes Blog, it’s got a fresh scoop on design with a playful edge.
-thanks to Tannek

Our buddy at Maxon House has been keeping a pretty tight blog on the design and construction of his upcoming modern residence. The house is being designed by a Kundig something or other –never heard of him ; )
-thanks to Lou

Remodelista is doing a stellar job of getting some good design out there with that element of grit that we like so well.
-thanks to Delancy

My Scandinavian Retreat had us at hello.
-thanks to Remodelista

Wanken is a design blog that covers a nice range of architecture, industrial design, graphic design fashion and photography. Basically it’s the scoop on everything cool.
-thanks to Shelby

Our buddies over at Graypants are bringing warm modernism to Nashville with their extremely cool recycled cardboard lamps. Huge props on the new Virago space.
-thanks to Jonathan

Ecosmart Fire continues to develop some rather slick ventless fire applications.

Hide your credit card before you check out the work of David Haig. His signature rocking chair is so smokin-hot that, if you have an ounce of design savvy in you, you’ll be unable to escape its seductive tractor beams.
-thanks to Aaron

It’s always difficult for us persnickety design types to find cards around the holidays that stick to our modernist guns but at the same time allow us to express some personality. Our design-minded friend Ioana has started a very handsome line of holiday cards that make the grade.
-thanks to Ioana

The fellas over at Invisible Creature are pure bad-ass and they’ve developed a design-forward line of holiday graphics that you should get your eyeballs on.
-thanks to Don & Ryan

Our Couch Cushion Architecture series posts inspired a competition from the folks over at VIA Architecture – go check it out and submit your version of living room re-appropriation. Heck – they’re even giving away prizes.
-thanks to Jen K

These design explorations for homeless sleeping pods caught our attention. Us architects might need them soon if this recession lasts any longer.
-thanks to Bob B.

We’re putting a few of our Modern Reusable Plywood Christmas Trees out there in the world. You can get the full scoop on our SPD furniture sales site.

Editions 29 could be the most aesthetically pleasing app for the iPad that we’ve seen to date. Just hot, hot, hot.
-thanks to Ramiro

It’s difficult to comprehend how the team at RSA Animate puts these vids together. Instead of hurting your brain trying to figure it out, we recommend saddling up with a cocktail and enjoying the show.
-thanks to Angela

Team BUILD is joining up with Gordon Walker to speak on January 19th at the Henry Built showroom in downtown Seattle as part of the Arcade presentation on modular construction and senior housing. It’s an extended conversation based on our interview of Gordon Walker in the current issue of Arcade. Stay tuned for more details.

Now Urbanism is a nine-month long series being held at the University of Washington and includes both scholars and practitioners from around the globe to discuss a variety of topics on urbanism and the city -the discussions are free and open to the public.
-thanks to Kristine M.

The Emily Pilloton TED lecture is all about architecture in the trenches. We’ve got big respect for Emily and her go-get-em attitude.
-thanks to Ramiro

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