We’ve been working away on some significant updates to a mid-century modern home in the Innis Arden neighborhood just north of Seattle. The project is just about complete and we’ve got some nearly finished photos for today’s post.

One of the elements on the house that we’re most pleased with is an interior wall that becomes an exterior partition that becomes a landscape screen.

As you approach the house, the screen is a means of way-finding and leads a visitor to the front door. At the same time, it’s providing a bit of privacy to a courtyard on the other side, filtering daylight and containing the K9s.

Approaching the front door the partition gives full privacy to an adjacent powder room. Once inside the house, the cedar provides warm tones to balance out the interior drywall. The cedar wraps into the powder room and provides the small space with color and texture as it continues back outside, broken only by a sleek plane of glass.

At the courtyard, the cedar boards are staggered to allow for a screened view into and out of the private area. A landscape package will soon supplement the screen with a band of bamboo.

It’s a critical wall in the project because it’s performing so many functions. At the same time it was straight-forward to design and cost effective to build. It’s a simple move that makes for pleasant living spaces inside and out. We’ve never been much for hoarding our details here at BUILD – so if you see something you like, we’ve included the construction details below.

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