One of the reasons we enjoy residential remodels so much is because, with the correct design moves, homeowners can have more opportunities in their day-to-day lives than they ever imagined before. Good design can bring about new possibilities that allow people to live significantly better lives – that’s pretty dang exciting to those of us that run around thinking about design all day. One small design move that has a big impact is a new type of door we’ve been using lately. These doors open and close in an accordion folding method leaving the opening, well, wide open. The multiple door panels are light enough that they glide easily on the top and bottom tracks, there’s also a single panel swinging door at the end for passage use. The door system works so well that we’re actually finding that the limiting factor of the opening size is the structural header above.

There are two manufacturers that we recommend for these doors; La Cantina and NanaWall. Both have similar systems which we’ve used in past projects and we’ve been quite happy with the outcome of both systems. The project above uses a La Cantina LCD3 bi-fold clear anodized aluminum 5 panel door system. The total cost of this system (without installation) was $11,394. Not cheap by any means but look at what the system achieves; a fifteen foot clear opening from inside to out. When open, the entire living area opens to the outdoor terrace area. Even when it’s closed it’s a sharp composition; the floor to ceiling glass affords a full view and plenty of daylight (the styles are only 2-3/4” wide). There are also well-designed screen systems to accompany these door packages. This simple door arrangement will change the way this family uses the indoor and outdoor space. Their BBQ’s will be phenomenal. In the temperate and pleasant northwest, opening up your home to the outdoors is an extraordinary way to spend the summer.

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