Our senior field correspondent, Josiah Johnson, has been hard at work in the field – tracking down cool architecture and getting the scoop on modern design. Here’s the low-down;

Associated Fabrication is a full-service digital fabrication and architectural millwork company serving architects, contractors, furniture makers, artists and students in New York City. AF is working with the who’s who of NYC and checking out their work should be on your to do list.

The Auditorium Toy Co. is producing one of the coolest toy cars our design-calibrated eyes have ever seen. Where were these when we were kids, you might ask? –out of financial reach at $350 a pop, is the answer for most of us.

The work of FEDL is clean, simple and inspiring. Their straight-forward blog format as website is a clever solution and aligns nicely with their built work.

As per usual, there’s something extremely cool going on in Sweden. Four architecture firms, all known for doing gorgeous modern work, got together and formed a collective for stock home designs. The Arkitekthus site exhibits a wide range of simple, modern designs, any of which can be yours if you can cough up enough Swedish Krona.

An architect’s website says a lot about how they think and design. The Chen + Suchart Studio website is a pleasure to view and speaks highly of their unencumbered modern designs. The color and texture translate beautifully in the large images and their graphic language is also quite nice.

This residence in Hiroshima by Suppose Design Office caught our eye with its bold street front entrance. That is what we like to call some serious design cahones.

Australia’s Dock4 Architecture masters that rustic modern aesthetic in a new residence on Bruny Island.

The new Waterhouse hotel in Shanghai’s historic Shiliupu district caught our attention for its modern lines and gritty aesthetic.

…and now, prepare to waste the remainder of your day on the extremely cool aM Laboratory.

Diacarta is a graphic scheduling system for the iPhone for those of us who are more visually organized.

The organization of social media, news and digital magazines is more important than ever with the abundance of data coming at you each day. We think it’s important for the all this info to be arranged sensibly and presented in a pleasing way. If you don’t know about it already, we’d like to introduce you to Flipboard – a personalized social magazine that looks really good on your iPad.

We’re huge fans of the MadMen series and “The MadMen School of Seduction” was a much needed laugh-break in the day.