Check out the work of Doug Scott, he’s got a great eye for light and color and we think his photos really bring buildings into a whole new perspective.
-thanks to Doug

The Michell Snyder Architecture blog is full of inspiring photos.
-thanks to Mitch

It’s always good to check in with the infectious work of Chris Jordan.

We’re digging the Bernal Heights Residence in California by SB Architects
-thanks to Ramiro & Design Milk

Recently, we met up with our buddy Mark Cabrinha who’s doing a smashing job of running design studios at the Cal Poly School of Architecture. His design-build studios are cranking out some sharp built work, like this student lounge, and we’ve got mad respect for anyone that can get a Ph.D. in architecture AND get things built.
-thanks to Mark

Architect Jerrold E. Lomax has made quite a name for himself by remodeling the work of one of our favorite mid-century modern architects, Craig Ellwood. He and his staff have an eye for discipline and a respect for some of the most inspiring work on the planet.
-thanks to Lesney

Now that you can do stuff with your iPad like control your home hvac and lighting systems, it’s more important than ever to have quick access and a practical display. The LXB Wallpad allows users to situate the iPad just about anywere.
-thanks to Brian T

There’s a new player in the ventless firebox game, check out Blu Box Fireplaces for some slick flames.

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting clip about homes that make their own energy.
-thanks to Ramiro

Since starting our own furniture line, we’ve been keeping an eye on clever storage systems and the Classic Picnic Basket design by Rolls Royce is nothing short of design fetish.
-thanks to Brian T

Seattle sharp-shooter Bill Reilly just launched a slick package for his marketing, advertising and graphic design firm. Get on over to his site and check out the inspiring work. Bill is the man behind the BUILD logo and we’ve got big respect for his capabilities.
-thanks to Bill

We can’t get our eyes off the screen every time we go to Space Invading, a blog that “collects the best architecture and design across the webosphere”. It’s got a fresh design and is chock-full of gorgeous photos.

A blog theme that we wished we’d thought of is Things Organized Neatly – bravo to the authors.
-thanks to Nicholas

Part of our diligence with The Modern List involves keeping a pulse on 5 great design cities. The Portland Architecture blog does a stellar job of keeping us up to date with the inside scoop.
-thanks to Mitch

The Co. Design site caught our attention for its fresh view on nifty objects like new bike designs.
-thanks to Kevin

Custom Home Magazine did a nice article on BUILD LLC earlier this month and we were honored to have a pro writer like Meghan Drueding covering our work.
-thanks to Meghan

A BUILD remodel in Magnolia was recently featured in this Xbox commercial.
-thanks to Kevin

The New Edge | New Blood show at AIA Seattle is full of fresh talent, if you’re in the area check it out. A shout-out to our buddies at Patano + Hafermann and Greypants.
-thanks to David

Seattle has a new interactive map that documents neighborhood crime – which is a pretty handy tool for us urbanites.
-thanks to Gavin

If you’re not on Foursquare yet you should hop on board and follow The Modern List (our modern travel division), then you should check out WeePlaces to have your travels visually mapped.
-thanks to Angela

For you architecture fans, check out Open Buildings –it’s an open source guide to cool design around the world, complete with a mapping application.
-thanks to Ramiro

Although she came to prominence in the 1940’s and 50’s, the work of Argentinean artist Lidy Prati, was new to us. We love that she’s not afraid of leaving some white space on the canvas. We’d hang those clean lines and rigid geometries on our walls any day.

Prati’s work reminded us of Agnes Martin and we refreshed on her brilliant portfolio. If you’re not familiar with Martin’s minimal, crisp work we highly recommend a tour.

Cheers from the BUILDblog
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