Ever heard of Mark Bennett? We hadn’t until recently, but here’s 3 things we know about him; 1) He’s brilliant. 2) We’re 90% inspired and excited by his work. 3) We’re 10% green with envy that we didn’t think of it before he did.

Bennett, an L.A. artist, takes the residences of our childhood television memories and drafts up the floor plans with surprising accuracy. His work has been on display around the Northwest in the past and we love that the hand drafted prints are reproduced with the authentic method of blueprints – genius. Did we say 10% jealous? Make it 20. Here’s a primer on Bennett’s work with some supplementary information we rounded up to help jog your memory.

Brady Residence
Location: Los Angeles
Owners: Mike & Carol Brady with children Marcia, Jan, Cindy, Greg, Peter, Bobby and housekeeper Alice
Architectural style: Suburban Ranch

Flintstone Residence
Location: The town of Bedrock
Home owners: Fred & Wilma Flintstone with daughter Pebbles
Architectural style: Desert Primitive

Ricardo Townhouse
Location: Manhattan’s Upper East-Side
Renters: Ricky & Lucy Ricardo
Architectural style: American Craftsman

Addams Residence
Location: Adjacent to a cemetary
Owners: Gomez & Morticia Addams with children Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Grandmama Addams and their butler Lurch
Architectural style: Second Empire Mansion

Skypad Apartments
Location: Orbit City
Home owners: George & Jane Jetson with children Judy & Elroy and dog Astro
Architectural style: Futuristic

Cleaver Residence
Location: Mayfield, U.S.A.
Home owners: Ward & June with children Wally & Beaver
Architectural style: Colonial Revival

DeFazio and Feeney Apartment
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Renters: Laverne DeFazio  & Shirley Feeney
Architectural style: Post-War Modern with a hint of College Bohemian

and that’s only a handful, go get your eyeballs on more of Bennett’s work here and here.
Kudos to Mark Bennett and cheers from the BUILDblog.
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