We just returned from Portland Oregon where team BUILD tracked down some new editions of modern design and culture for The Modern List. Not only is Portland generating good ideas, but they’re getting things accomplished. While most cities are yapping on about urban renewal and sustainability, while they’re spending ridiculous amounts of time and energy on community planning groups and high-end digital renderings, Portland is just making it happen. Two thumbs up and a big gold star from the BUILDblog; check out our recommendations below and many, many more on The Modern List.

We were blown away by the community that’s formed on NW 11th Ave and Irving Street in Portland’s Pearl District. Old industrial buildings have been pleasantly re-appropriated as living units with modern versions of the front porch (previous loading docks), plenty of vegetation and light rail right out front. Irving Street at this location is pedestrian only and offers a park like setting complete with benches to enjoy the day. Had we exercised a bit more patience we’re sure our photos would have captured children holding balloons and puppy dogs.

Portland has developed a stellar list of restaurants that continue to appease card carrying members of the foodie revolution. Team BUILD is particularly drawn to the gritty, industrial interiors and the fact that, at many establishments, the pick-up truck from the farm pulls up each morning to deliver the goods. The drinks at our favorite spots are also crafted by sharp-shooting mixologists. It’s not easy keeping up with the constantly growing roster of venues, but we did our best to eat and drink our way through town.

Food Carts are popping up everywhere in Portland, this one is located on SW 4th Ave at SW Hall Street.

Evoe at 3731 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd. 503.232.1010

[Photo by kevincrumbs]

Beast at 5425 NE 30th Ave 503.841.6968

Davis Street Tavern at 500 NW Davis Street 503.505.5050

Ping at 102 NW 4th Ave, 503.229.7464

Toro Bravo at 120 Northeast Russell St 503.281.4464

Lincoln at 3808 North Williams 503.288.6200 Ave

Le Pigeon at 738 East Burnside St 503.546.8796

bSIDE6 mixed-use building at 524 E. Burnside by Works Partnership Architecture

TriMet Energy Station on Southwest Jackson Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues. It will support wind turbines and solar panels to be installed in the future.

Cyan PDX at 1720 SW 4th Ave by GBD Architects and THA Architects

The Casey Building in the Pearl District at 12th Ave & Everette St by GBD Architects

Streetcar Lofts at NW 12th Ave & NW Lovejoy St by Leeb Architects

Broadstone Enso at NW 14th Ave & NW Lovejoy St by the Myhre Group

North Park Lofts at NW 8th Ave & NW Everett St by Sienna Architecture

Hawthorne Mixed-Use at SE Hawthorne Blvd & SE 34th Ave

Belmont Street Lofts at SE Belmont St & SE 35th Ave by Holst Architecture

As always, let us know if we missed anything.

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