Here at BUILD we’re all about modern.  We are immersed in the modern lifestyle from the way we design to the way we live and think.  Recently, though, we noticed that our small winged friends have not been as fortunate in the way they dwell. Our feathered neighbors have been putting up with all sorts of ridiculous styles and ginger-bread designs and it’s time to offer up some hot, modern alternatives. So with that in mind, today’s post is all about modern birdhouses. Here’s a handful that jumped out at us – let us know what we missed out there.

db_birdhouse by Duff Bangs
The design is a simplified geometric form which transitions into an uneven broken form creating a “drip” effect. The cedar strip construction is left untreated to naturally silver over time. Since each birdhouse is made custom from scraps around the shop, each is unique in pattern and form. The geometry of the interior and location of the access hole are, however, designed to meet the requirements of specific birds. For general dimensions click here.

Nest Birdhouse designed by Gary Cruce and available at Arcamita.

Ralph Birdhouse by Weiler

Birdy Modern Bird House by Vladimir Jaccard

Tubular Bird Feeder with Beechwood stake by Blomus

Bird Feeder, House by Blomus

Roost by Hepper

Egg Birdhouse by J Schatz

Round Stainless Steel Birdhouse by Tom Dukich

Nidusa Birdhouse by Vladimir Sinelnikov

Folding Bird House by Jesper Moller Hansen and Dorthe Weis

Geo-Birdhouse by Kelly Lamb

Cube Birdhouse from Loll

Do-It-Yourself mid-century modern birdhouse, covered here

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