Rock-star contributor Josiah is taking the lead for today’s post, so mentally prepare yourself for an avalanche of modern architecture, design, film and tunes.

Parsonson Architects from New Zealand comes with an official hotness warning: do not visit this site unless you’ve got ample time to spend there.

We’ve got mad respect for any architect that can pull off this sort of design with site poured concrete.

It’s about time to give a shout-out to Coop 15, a local firm that continues to do very nice work in the northwest.

Architects EAT is doing some very handsome work in Australia

Drop dead gorgeous house after house at Fearonhay.

Wernerfield architecture + design out of Dallas is also doing some clean work

The work of Splyce out of Vancouver B.C. has that warm modern feel we like so well

We have a great deal of respect for the work of Acton Ostry Architects. There work is conventional, solid and they get things built.

Cottamhargrave out of Austin Texas is producing some sharp design worth getting your eyeballs on.

Wanna see a tight website package for a design + build + development team? Check out the Margarido House – these guys are way ahead of most architects.

Check out Bonluxat for some modern digs.

We’re digging the interior interventions this family has implemented and documented on their website – we especially like the outdoor shower/bathroom.

Find yourself some really pleasing moving image-eye candy at Factorylabs. Some good tunes to boot.

While the work is quite nice, what caught our attention is that Susi Leeton Architects displays their work as a slide show rather than as a static website. The experience becomes more about the sequence of images than navigation through a website.

There’s a couple of new sites for music, check out Mad Decent and ZZK Records.

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