We’ve been having fun with our sketch series so far, and today we’re covering some travel sketches from our student days. Oh to be a student traveling the world with sketchbook in hand <insert nostalgic facial expression here>. We searched through all the office drawers, blew the dust off some old journals, translated our academic experiences into digital media and now we’re pimpin them out on the internets for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Sketching is about much more than simply putting lines on paper. It’s about experiencing a place. It takes a bit of time to soak in a building, a landscape or an interior in order to sketch it out. In that twenty or thirty minutes you begin to understand so much more about a place than a mere photograph would lend.

On a social level, you see patterns about human behavior; you begin to understand the people and the culture.

Technically, in order to draw something, you have to understand a bit about how it works and subsequently the learning curve is unparalleled.

There’s just no substitution for knowing how to sketch. If you’re a student we urge to you get in the habit of carrying a sketchbook with you, if you’re a professional it’s an easy practice to get back into (or stay into). Doesn’t have to be fancy, doesn’t have to be expensive – but it does require that you make some time for it now and again.

Most great buildings, digital renderings and models started with a simple sketch. So get to it and share what you’ve got.

Ah to be a student traveling the world, sketchbook in hand…