Our new favorite blog is Brute Force Collaborative. It’s smart, it’s thorough and it’s got a great name. From modern architecture tours, to forward thinking construction methods, to über-cool fire stations in Europe, BFC covers some serious ground and is a welcomed addition to the design blogging world.
-thanks to Mike

Recently we came across Modern House Notes, a blog that does a phenomenal job of introducing projects that most of us have never seen before.
-thanks to Gina & Tom

FFFFOUND is killing it with fresh, striking images. You’d  be delinquent not to check in with this eye candy.

Seattle based Myer Wells designs and builds furniture from reclaimed urban trees. They keep the designs simple and let the beauty of the trees take center stage. We like.
-thanks to Jeri

Studio 804 continues to blow us away with what a group of students is able to accomplish.
-thanks to Jared

The Parliament World Headquarters in Portland is gritty and refreshing and the firewood walls made us grin.
-thanks to Mark

Some of you may have noticed a rather engaging winners podium at the Olympics in Vancouver. It’s the work of designers James Lee & Leo Obstbaum. More info here.
-thanks to Adam

The stop Motion T-Shirt War is beautiful, inspiring and hilarious. It’s also good design.

-thanks to Lee

Really digging the work of Hufft who also run a shop. Good stuff.
-thanks to Mark

[Photo by Mike Sinclair]

Crisp and attenuated is the work of Bünzli & Courvoisier


Kudos to architectural photographer Mike Sinclair who has a sharp eye and a knack for maximizing the life and action in design. Give Sinclair your eyeballs for a moment and take a tour of some inspiring shots.

Nerida Howard is a master at making the architectural image pop right out of the page. We’d love to be a fly on the wall in his studio.

We found the 50 State Tourism Logos on twitter and thought it interesting because they’re so diverse. It’s hard not to notice that Washington State’s looks like a steaming pile of dog-doo. We might take a crack at redesigning it ourselves.
-thanks to Lee


Swiss Miss recently posted the 12 breeds of client and how to work with them. Good times.
-thanks to Tina

For those of you in Seattle, Brad Cloepfil of Allied Works is speaking on March 10th 7pm-8.30pm at UWs Kane Hall, Room 220. Join us there – it should be a good one.
-thanks to Dan

The Guardian’s David Sanderson recently wrote an article about architects and their lack of skill when it comes to disaster relief.

“Architects are often the last people needed in disaster reconstruction -most of them focus on buildings rather than people, and will be of little use in Haiti or Chile.”

The article hits a vulnerable truth in the industry and Sanderson is a voice worth keeping a pulse on.
-thanks to Kevin