Let’s get twenty-ten kicked off with a list of cool design links that have been keeping us busy over the holidays.  Let us know what you think and what we missed… and welcome to the future.

Founded by three Danish hot-shots of the design world, KiBiSi is pumping out some clean, fresh design.
-thanks to BIG

Have you heard about the mega-yacht being designed by the French fashion house Hermes?  Neither had we, but if the name still translates to ‘great messenger of the Gods’ they’ve figured out a smoking-hot method of delivery.  It’s designed like a floating island complete with beach.  Check out the crazy-ass digital walk through here.
-thanks to Josiah

The folks over at 02 Treehouse are doing a very nice job at bringing good design to the backyard – and it never hurts to have a solid Buckminster Fuller influence.
-thanks to Josiah

The work of Marcio Kogan knocked us on our tails.  It should be no surprise that work this incredible is coming from São Paulo.  If you can navigate through the fussy website you’ll be handsomely rewarded with a bounty of gorgeous imagery.
-thanks to Josiah

The New York Times covered a home in East Berlin last month that we have great admiration for.  The home is humble, simple and timeless.
-thanks to Alex

Herbst Architects in New Zealand are bringing their A-game with clean tectonics and warm textures. We’re big fans of the exposed structure of their Lindale Bach residence which clearly indicates how the roof is working.
-thanks to Josiah

We were recently introduced to the work of Wallace Cunningham, who’s work we think you’ll enjoy.
-thanks to Steve

Levitt Goodman Architects out of Toronto are also doing some handsome work.
-thanks to Josiah

Jonathan Segal continues to knock the ball out of the park with his “less drawing and more design” philosophy.  His recent documentary brings the message to the people, check out the highlights below.
-thanks to John

Jonathan Segal Documentary final 13 mins from BREADTRUCK TV on Vimeo.

Some hard working sharp-shooters over at FanGuide reached out to introduce their new iPhone architecture apps.  Similar to The Modern List it allows for quick reference on the go and keeps up to date with all the good architecture you should know about.  So far the guides cover Chicago’s Loop, Oak Park and River Forest and Los Angeles with more places in the works.  Show ‘em your appreciation for the hook-up to great architecture and download the FanGuide.
-thanks to Sean

For those of you that like to blend into the local scene when you’re traveling, check out Home Exchange.  The site allows you to connect with like-minded trail blazers and swap homes.  There are thousands of options all over the globe, and as you can imagine there are some mid-century modern gems to be found.
-thanks to Steve

We love this series of famous paintings re-appropriated with modern day grafitti.
-thanks to Jerry

Artist Liu Bolin has generated a phenomenal portfolio of… well, disappearing really.
-thanks to Jerry

Some very powerful photos were brought to our attention which document the divide between rich and poor in several locations around the globe, check out the full post at Deputy Dog.
-thanks to Andrew

With our SPD shop cranking out serious cabinet packages we were very impressed with a new technology for table saws which instantly stops a blade if contact is made with flesh. The hard working folks at Sawstop are making sure that our fingers stay right where they are.  Check out the demo video below or the more detailed video here.
-thanks to Rick

Smarin – leave it to the French to make a sophisticated bean bags for grown-ups.
-thanks to Josiah

We love photos.  We love the grainy photos of reality, the photos that show the grit and texture of life. The My Parents Were Awesome site does all that and delivers it up with a heaping mound of humor to boot.
-thanks to Josiah

The work of Hotze is well composed but retains the realness so many architectural interior shots miss.  We dig the understated style and casual props.
-thanks to Josiah

Renaissance man David Byrne tackles some tough issues of design and urban planning in a recent Wall Street Journal article.  His style of writing lends humor and character to the design world – which we could us more of.
-thanks to Lynn

We don’t typically get into social justice topics on the BUILDblog but when we came across Ctrl.Alt.Shift we thought it’d be appropriate.  The site is forward thinking in mission and design.  They’ve also got some humorous items for purchase like the hand grenade Christmas tree ornaments.
-thanks to Josiah

While we’re big fans of Pandora there are some cool new ways to explore music that you might find interesting.  Check out Left as Rain.
-thanks to Josiah

Speaker design has got to be an area plagued by some of the worst over-design in history.  So it was refreshing to find Q Speakers out of New Zealand who’s clean lines and simple approach are producing designs we’d be proud display in our living rooms.
-thanks to Josiah

Cheers and a round of virtual martinis for all of you…