We’ve been having an immense amount of fun with the Women Making an Impact series.  The education that comes with simply researching these individuals should also be worth some PhD college credit somewhere.  Today we’ve got another 10 mega-design stars for you.  Check out the previous posts here and here and enjoy todays:

Allison Brooks
, U.K.
Not only is the work ambitious, fast-forward thinking and inspiring but the Brooks website is a pleasure to tour.  Brooks is skilled not only in design but in the mastery of enrolling clients in important, progressive ideas.
Allison Brooks composite

Marianne Burkhalter, Switzerland
Clean, crisp plans and rational boxes define the work of Burkhalter.  Interior volumes are light-filled, open and flexible –just how we like ‘em.
Marianne Burkhalter composite

Liz Diller, U.S.A.
Behind many of the most exciting projects of the decade is Diller, Scofidio & Renfro.  Diller’s master planning shifts one’s paradigm and the architecture is deliberate all the way down to the detailing.
Liz Diller composite

Merril Elam, U.S.A.
You know an architect is up to extraordinary work when their firm philosophy states “We travel well and find the discovering of new places invigorating.  We have heavy overcoats and galoshes and we are fond of tulips.  Place has everything to do with the character and outcome of a project.”  We think Elam’s work re-ignites the senses of wonder and curiosity and we can’t wait to visit one of her projects.
Merrill Elam composite

Karen Fairbanks, U.S.A.
The work of Marble Fairbanks pushes a modern agenda, but importantly doesn’t loose the poetry of good architecture.
Karen Fairbanks composite

Jeannie Gang, U.S.A.
What Studio Gang has achieved for a young firm is off the charts, the construction of their Aqua Tower in downtown Chicago indicates decades of dedication, solid expertise and long grueling hours.
Jeanne Gang composite

Annette Gigon, Switzerland
By the time we were finished reviewing the Gigon|Guyer website we were putting our own resumes together for submission.  Gorgeous building after gorgeous building, all designed and crafted with that beautifully boring aesthetic that hits all the right chords.
Annette Gigon composite

Silvia Gmur, Switzerland
Bold and proud is the work of Gmur.  We like the order, the clean lines and the transparency.
Silvia Gmur composite

Laurie Hawkinson, U.S.A.
Let it be known that we adore Laurie Hawkinson.  Having had her as a professor in graduate school we can vouch first hand that she’s smart, savvy and has a great sense of humor.  Her work is rigorous Architecture with a capital A.
Laurie Hawkinson composite

Anna Heringer, Austria
This woman is in the trenches, solving real problems for real people.  Whether it’s a home for handicapped children in South Africa or family housing in Bangladesh, Heringer is the real deal.
Anna Heringer composite

The 10 extraordinary women on today’s list were all recommended by BUILDblog fan Mike who has been a rock star contributor.  We’d like to extend our gratitude, so Mike – head on over to Peter Miller Books at your convenience where there’s a gift certificate waiting for you.  A huge thanks from team BUILD.