WRB Summer House in Trosa 01
[Summer House in the archipelago of Trosa south of Stockholm photo by Max Plunger]

It’s always nice to look at beautiful design accomplished out there by other architects. There’s nothing to dilute the quality or inspiration of the work being shown. No baggage or knowledge of the project beyond what’s being communicated by the imagery. No ridiculous land use codes or impossible city inspectors. No disparaging gaps between what the homeowner wanted and what their budget was. No long evenings putting together window schedules, no difficult discussions about design trade-offs. While these elements most likely exist in this work (and then some), the spectator gets to sit back and enjoy the fruits of extraordinary design. The spectator gets to believe, if only for a short time, that excellent architecture is the result of just being good at design. Ignorance is bliss and at the tail end of a long day, it’s kinda refreshing.

Our buddy Josiah recently turned us on to WRB from Stockholm and we saddled up to review their work – with beverage in hand we spent nearly an hour on their site and entirely enjoyed every minute. The logistics of doing work this refined and timeless must be arduous and challenging. But for today’s post we’re going to ignore all that and just display photos of some of the most inspiring work we’ve seen in a long time. Enjoy.

WRB H-House 02

WRB H-House 04

WRB H-House 03

WRB H-House 01
[H-House in the archipelago of Trosa south of Stockholm photos by Åke E:son Lindman]

WRB Casa Barone 01

WRB Casa Barone 03

WRB Casa Barone 02
[Casa Barone in Ingaro-Evlinge east of Stockholm photos by Åke E:son Lindman]

WRB Island House 01

WRB Island House 02

WRB Island House 03

WRB Island House 04
[Island House in the archipelago of Stockholm photo by Åke E:son Lindman]

Cheers to Natasha, Håkan, Philip and all the other hardworking architects at WRB, thanks for doing all the heavy lifting and allowing the rest of us to simply enjoy the work.  Thanks to Åke E:son Lindman and Max Plunger for your phenomenal photographs.