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We just returned from the breathtaking state of Colorado where we’re working on a new project.  The trip out allowed us to do a bit of traveling around, and to put it simply – we were blown away at the cool architecture, dramatic mountain ranges and fall colors.  With a tremendous amount of help from friends, we scouted out some well-designed, modern work that we think you’ll enjoy getting your eyes on:


It’s hard to get in and out of Colorado without missing the Denver International Airport.  And good thing, because the tension fabric roof is nothing short of inspiring. Rarely do you see airport design this clean and unencumbered. Designed by Fentress Bradburn Architects the structure was engineered by Horst Berger.

[Photos by BUILD LLC]

Heavy hitter Adjaye Associates designed the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver.
MCA Denver photo by Lyndon Douglas
[Photo by Lyndon Douglas]

…and in that keeping-up-with-the-Jones’ fashion, they’ve got their Daniel Libeskind too, the Denver Art Museum
DAM photo by ishrona
[Photo by ishrona]

The Colorado Convention Center at 700 14th St seems fresh and engaging, also designed by Fentress Bradburn Architects.
Colorado Convention Center by mattsantomarco

We were thrilled to find the Art House Townhomes in Denver by Studio Completiva.  Go check out their clean, sleek website here.
Art House Townhomes 2

Merchants Row in Denver by in situ DESIGN also caught our eye.  We love the modern details integrated with a handsome form.
Merchants Row by in situ DESIGN

If you like street food head to Biker Jim’s Gourmet Hot Dogs, for good coffee head to St. Marks Coffeehouse and for dinks saddle up at the Thin Man.
St Marks Coffee photo by GIRLintheCAFE
[Photo by GIRLintheCAFE]

For small plates head to Delite or Beatrice & Woodsley. For the non-carnivorous head to WaterCourse and for live tunes check out The Walnut Room. Later, when it’s time to get your martini on head over to the Cruise Room at The Oxford Hotel.
Cruise Room at Oxford Hotel

We know, we know, it just sounds weird to have sushi so far away from the ocean.  But if you need your hamachi fix head to Sushi Hai

When it comes to red meat, however, you’re in the right place.  Feast yourself on carpaccio and other carnivorous delectables at Osteria Marco
Osteria Marco

For beers and burgers head to Cherry Cricket, Candlelight Tavern or My Brother’s Bar
Cherry Cricket photo by Tadson
[Photo by Tadson]

What is it about cupcake shops? They’re simple and well designed just about everywhere we go.  Denver is no exception.  Get your sugar fix at The Shoppe while you’re taking in some clean design.

For shopping in Denver check out Composition in the Lakewood neighborhood and Wordshop in the Highlands.  For furniture check out Modern in Denver and One Home.

Heading west out of Denver, off the south side of I-70 keep your eyes open for the Sleeper House designed by Charles Deaton in 1963 and featured in the Woody Allen film Sleeper.
Sleeper House photo by Jerry W Lewis
[Photo by Jerry W. Lewis]

South from Denver, near Colorado Springs is the not to be missed Air Force Academy Chapel completed in 1962 by architect Walter Netsch of SOM.
Air Force Academy chapel photo by Bryan Chang
[Photo by Bryan Chang]

Head north and you’ll find the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.  There’s something very captivating to us about the raw character of this institution. In an age of super-slick, mega-budget museums, BMoCA seems human and tangible.
BMoCA photo by miss emza
[Photo by miss emza]

Further north in Fort Collins is the New Belgian Brewing Company that produces the Fat Tire Amber Ale we like so well. They also bonus their employees with cool fat tire beach cruiser bikes. Cheers to that.
New Belgian Brewing Co photo by bridgepix
[Photo by bridgepix]

Team BUILD headed south-west to Colorado’s Montrose County and we were delighted to find a well-preserved and functioning small-town America.  It’s an agricultural and ranch setting that the design-minded would enjoy spending a bit of time in. The historic downtown has been deliberately preserved with regard to it’s original architecture and the surrounding scenery is magnificent with the impressive Uncompahgre and San Juan mountains in the distance.  Pleasantly surprising was the Montrose Library designed by Park Davis Associates; it’s modern addition hints to influences by uncle Frank.


…and you know how it is with us, sometimes the most interesting architecture is the modest, insignificant work out there.  The Town & Country car wash in Montrose is impressive because it raises the bar of design across the board and comes into contact with a good cross section of the public.  With it’s simple barn structure and innovative cor-ten cladding this car wash might be doing more for saving the world from ugly than the exclusive musuems 275 miles to the north-east.

[Photo by BUILD LLC]

As always – our lists are a continual work in progress, let us know what we missed.  A HUGE thanks to our friend Sandy for creating the backbone of today’s post.