Murdock Young Architects Cutler 01
[Cutler Residence by Murdock Young Architects, Photo by Micheal Moran]

With the architecture industry picking up, we’re getting our digital ducks aligned here at BUILD LLC.  As the wave of work takes off, we want to get more eyeballs on our projects and make sure that we’re positioning ourselves appropriately for the type of work we love doing.  One of the venues we recently came across that was particularly inspiring is the World-Architects website.  We like the clean format, the straight-forward organization and the ability to explore new work.  In surfing around on the site we came across work that was so smokin-hot that we decided to throw today’s post at it.  The focus is on smaller firms doing sharp, modern work.  And with any luck they’re new on your radar too.

Brininstool + Lynch, Chicago  IL
Claremont House, Chicago IL, 2007.  Rarely do we see work this well disciplined; the focus is on materiality, texture and luminosity.
Brininstool + Lynch Claremont House photo by Christopher Barrett
[Photo by Christopher Barrett]

Tighe Architecture, Santa Monica  CA
Tigertail, Brentwood  CA, 2007.  The envelope is often a derivative of the interior volume in Tighe’s work, the translation from function to shell becomes an exhilarating expression.
Tighe Architecture Tigertail
[Photo courtesy of Tighe Architecture]

Maryann Thompson Architects, Cambridge MA
Geothermal House, Boston MA.  Clean, rational forms lend to handsome compositions in Thompson’s work.
Maryann Thomspon Geothermal House photo by Photo Chuck Choi
[Photo by Chuck Choi]

Ogawa Depardon Architects, NYC NY
30 Orchard Street, NYC NY, 2009.  The firm responsible for Bar 89 (one of our favorite modern fixtures in Manhattan) continues to design inconspicuously gorgeous work.
Ogawa Depardon 30 Orchard St photo by Robert K Chin
[Photo by Robert K Chin]

Murdock Young Architects, NYC NY
Cutler Residence, Montauk NY, 2003.  We just can’t get enough of this house, it’s so well constrained and elegant.
Murdock Young Architects Cutler 02

Murdock Young Architects Cutler 03

Murdock Young Architects Cutler 04

Murdock Young Architects Cutler 05
[Photos by Micheal Moran]

Messana O’Rorke Architects, NYC NY
Ten Broeck Cottage, Livignston, New York.  This stunning work speaks volumes about respect for traditional architecture and an unapologetic expression of modernism.
Messana O’Rorke Architects Ten Broeck Cottage 02 photo by Elizabeth Felicella

Messana O’Rorke Architects Ten Broeck Cottage 03 photo by Elizabeth Felicella

Messana O’Rorke Architects Ten Broeck Cottage 04 photo by Elizabeth Felicella
[Photos by Elizabeth Felicella & Bill Abromowitz]

hanrahan Meyers architects (hMa), NYC NY
Juliana Curran Terian Design Center, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY, 2006.  hMA is preaching to the choir with their ‘everything it needs to be and nothing more’ aesthetic.  We’re diggin that they also have a blog.
Hanrahan Meyers Juliana Curran Terian Pratt Pavilion 01 photo by Paul Warchol

Hanrahan Meyers Holley Residence 01 Photo by Paul Warchol

Hanrahan Meyers Holley Residence 02 Photo by Paul Warchol
[Photo by Paul Warchol]

Eskew+Dumez+Ripple, New Orleans LA
St. Martha Catholic Church, Harvey LA, 2003.  The detailing between their clean, crisp forms allows for an uplifting architectural experience.
Eskew+Dumez+Ripple St Martha Catholic Church photo by Timothy Hursley
[Photo by Timothy Hursley]

Cheers to these eight firms who are clearly leading the charge on forward-thinking design in America.  We’re planning on keeping a pulse on you from here on out.