We just returned from Vancouver B.C. where we scouted out some cool new design products for the home.  There’s some hot stuff out there that we hadn’t yet seen in the flesh and we’re happy to report that the following items meet the BUILD standard of aesthetics + function.  You know how it works, when you invest in crafted, well designed, functional objects for the home the quality of life improves, try some of these on for size:

L_remote_red_on red cabinet

Geneva Audio Systems: Finally! A well designed remote control.  If someone didn’t step up to the plate soon we thought we were going to have to do it ourselves.  The radio + CD player + iPod doc is also the cleanest design we’ve seen since the classic and timeless Tivoli Audio Model One radio.  It comes in S, M, L and XL.

Geneva Audio Systems 2

Modulicious Power Deskette by Blu Dot: Tidy, clean and simple.  If this desk doesn’t provide enough space perhaps you need a bigger garbage can.

Modulicious Power Deskette

Atlantico 003 Table by De La Espada: There is a nice balance between simplicity and craft in the 003 table.  Its methods of connection are revealed, but not at the cost of the objects design.

Table 003

Fire Extinguishers by Fire Design: Since you’ll be spending far more time looking at this device hanging off the wall than putting out small office fires, buy one that looks good (and works).

Fire Design

Brazo Table Lamp by Pablo: Everything a task lamp needs to be and nothing more.

Brazo Lamp

Jielde Lamps: The French have a knack for crafting something once, and it lasts for the rest of your life.  The Jielde floor lamp exemplifies timeless design.  Yup, at $500 they’re expensive but you’ll pass it on to your grandchildren.  For some reason these lamps actually look better used to us, maybe it’s because they have more stories to tell.

Jielde lamp 06

Acrylic Timber Table by Gus*: Okay, maybe not so timeless, but this clever little design caught our eye.

Gus Timber Table

Jack Spade bags: It’s difficult to find travel gear that’s not over-designed.  These get the job done without all the froof.

Jack Spade Bags

Corzo Tequila: You didn’t think we were going to stay out of your liquor cabinet did you?  Corzo not only makes a nice, clean Tequila but their marketing is superb.  Go give their website a tour for some inspiring images.

Corzo 01

-Thanks to Design House and Koolhaus for putting up with our endless questions and giving us the scoop.  Also thanks to Ion Magazine’s Hip Guide who gave us the skinny on some new spots.