Goodness it’s been busy lately – who turned on the work faucet all the sudden?  In addition to architecture starting to happen again in the northwest, the photography world is seeing some quantum leaps.  Our friends over at Chase Jarvis Photography released a gorgeous package of tools earlier this week including The Best Camera app for the iPhone which allows you to shoot, add creative effects, and share your images more simply and powerfully than ever before.  The app has been BUILD tested and we’ve been having a ton of fun with the filters and edits on our own photos.  An accompanying book of photos by Chase shows just what can be done with the iPhone camera and a good set of filters.  And to tie it all together, a website which is the hub of the ecosystem, allows everyone to upload their photos – the site is extremely cool as it’s constantly being updated with photos from around the globe.  Hats off to CJP for a very clean and inspiring launch.

Best Camera

The National Portrait Gallery in Canberra Australia recently got our attention with a show of Portraits + Architecture. -thanks to Josiah
TERROIR by Brett Boardman
[Photo by Brett Boardman]

We’d like to think it had something to do with our open letter from a while back as the Cooper Hewitt has really stepped up their game with a new exhibit titled Design USA: Contemporary Innovation.  We’ve booked our tickets and we’ll be there.
cooper hewitt

Our favorite blog of the moment is futuremilk – nothing but provocative photos.
Futuremilk 01

We were also thrilled to find otto – a great architecture + design blog

Bjarke Ingels recently gave a smashing speech at TED that we thoroughly enjoyed. -thanks to Kai

Take a look at The Apartment Creative Agency for some smokin hot work. -thanks to Josiah
The Apt

Luxirare is full of crisp images of clothing and cuisine. -thanks to Josiah

Also in the clean website category is Skram Furniture – browsing a website this well composed is a complete pleasure. -thanks to Josiah
Skram Furniture 02

The League of Movable Type should fulfill all of your font fetishes. – thanks to Josiah

Hometta is on to something with their modern house plans, also check out their blog. -thanks to Mark

Another great site for sourcing designers in the northwest is Seattle Architects List. -thanks to Jay
Seattle Architect

…and darnit – somebody beat us to the Lego house, hats off to James May and his 3.3 million brick lego-built house in Surrey.
Lego House

Next week BUILD heads to South-west Colorado for a new project – let us know if there are any points of architectural significance to check out.


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