Crack open the latest edition of Dwell Magazine and stop on by page 76 for the coverage of our Park Modern mixed use building in Seattle’s University District. We’re honored to be included in Dwell’s “New American Home” article featuring some remarkable projects by Office dA, Hays + Ewing Design Studio, Buchanan Architecture, Studio 512, Baldinger Studio, and Lorcan O’Herlihy.

Dwell Oct 2009 Park Modern
[Photo by BUILD LLC]

Miller Hayashi recently finished up a beautiful and forward thinking “comfort station” at Ranier Beach (near the Atlantic City boat ramp).  We’re really digging the curved standing seam metal roof/wall. -thanks to Mike
Magnuson Park Shelter 01
[Photo courtesy Miller Hayashi]

The Ultimate Desert Structure in Pioneertown, California designed by architect Lloyd Russell also caught our attention for it’s simplicity and straight-forward methods of temperature control.
Ultimate Desert Structure
[Photo by David Harrison]

Speaking of desert modern, check out these super sleek rental properties in Joshua Tree, California. Pretty Vacant Properties says “One at a time, we are building a new kind of desert modern architecture that offers you a chance for you to re-frame and re-create your own world . . . if only for a weekend.” We’re entirely on board.
– thanks to Brian.
Pretty Vacant
[Photo courtesy of Pretty Vacant Properties]

It’s not often that we see well crafted, modern beach villas for rent. Designed by Dutch designer Piet Boon, this villa fills a much needed void. – thanks to Josiah
[Photo courtesy of Piet Boon Bonaire]


Thanks to our senior field correspondent, Josiah, we’ve got a couple of uber cool dwellings for you to get your eyeballs on. This single family home designed by Rosales + Crecente is located in A Coruña on Spain’s northwest coast.
r_atellada_08 by Santos-Díez
[Photo by Santos-Díez]

The suppose design office website covers enough clean, modern dwellings to consume your entire day. We particularly like this dwelling for it’s disciplined sense of containment and intriguing aperatures.
[Photo courtesy of suppose design office ]

Apparently our post on resumes resonated well out there because we have received some stellar applications lately (posted with permission).

Quite possibly the most enjoyable cover letter + resume we’ve ever received comes from Jared Eder. Any resume that includes the lines “I like to think of myself as a purist.  I am a scotch one rock, steak no sauce kind of guy.” Has our full attention.

Mark Sin’s online portfolio is clean, easy to navigate and makes it extremely convenient for a potential employer to check out his work.  The construction of this digital portfolio is better than most architectural websites out there.

Thanks to Jared and Mark – we are honored that you would consider working with us.

Clothing is seldom marketed in that clean, sparse aesthetic that we enjoy.  That’s why it was a pleasure to come across The Shop. There’s nothing wrong with white space. – thanks to Josiah
The Shop

While the outdoor table these guys produce is awfully nice, it’s the clean, clear website design that really got our attention. A nice consistent website experience should be reflective of the products being displayed and the Cassecroute site is spot on. – thanks to Josiah
[Photo courtesy of Cassecroute]

Way back when, we did a blog post on well designed bikesFast Boy Cycles should be added to that list. Their designs are gorgeously modern without losing the poetry of the bicycle. – thanks to John
[Photo courtesy of Fast Boy Cycles]

Get on over to unINTENTIONAL for some captivating work which involves a photographic leap of faith each time an image is produced. – thanks to T.J.
[Photo by T.J. Hoving]

You know how we feel about lighting; far too often it’s overdesigned and overpowers the nature of light itself.  There are very few good lighting designers out there in the world and we’d like to add Karboxx to that list. They understand when to stop designing.

Houselife; The story of Rem Koolhaas’ Maison à Bordeaux through the eyes of the housekeeper. – thanks to Josiah

Art & Copy; the inside scoop of the ad industry. -thanks to Lou

Chairwhore.  Need we say more?

A new piece of software is bringing the architect’s punchlist to the smartphone. Bringing Your Punch List into the 21st Century explains it further. -thanks to Chris
Punchlist App

On September 13th at 5pm the Futureshack debate and discussion will be held at Seattle’s Fisher Pavillion. The program addresses specific projects shaping the future of residential architecture in our region.