About a year ago we did a post on the Architecture of Death, wherein we criticized the chinsey, mass produced methods that poorly signify the nature of dying and opened up the discussion to meaningful, well designed methods to mark the passing of a life.  We were delighted to have so many extraordinary works brought to our attention; one prominent example is local designer, Greg Lundgren of Lundgren Monuments whose work you should really pay attention to.  If you’re like us, design minded and mortal, you’ll need him someday.

Lundgren LMurn3sm
[Urn photo by Lundgren Monuments]

Lundgren’s approach to memorialization is a unique celebration of life and art.  We like that the designs and constructions are unpretentious but proud.  The character of each material used is intentional, the connections are purposeful.  Good design is deliberate, good design is everything it needs to be an nothing more – all the more appreciated in the final act of design in life.

Lundgren LMurn9sm
[Urn photo by Lundgren Monuments]

Lundgren Gulassaurn1sm
[Urn photo by Lundgren Monuments]

Lundgren bench1sm
[Glass Bench photo by Lundgren Monuments]

Lundgren LM_Boutique_Press1sm
[Headstone photo by Lundgren Monuments]

Lundgren ambertower1sm
[Amber Tower photo by Lundgren Monuments]

For more of Lundgren’s work visit the Lundgren Monuments Boutique on Seattle’s First Hill.