Today’s on the radar is all videos all the time. So pull up a coffee and get your eyeballs on these:

For those of you that didn’t make it to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in Manhattan this year, Rocket Pictures is bringing the ICFF to you. Hosted by Rebecca Teagarden, the show has a well informed eye for design and brings a needed sense of humor to an otherwise room of stuffy designer types.
-thanks to Les

Check out the Coast Modern Trailer, a film by Gavin Froome & Mike Bernard. “Architecture should make sense, it should make you feel good, it should even get you excited” – Henrik Bull. Damn right! In addition to the video, check out the still images.
-thanks to John

Stinson Beach House by Coast Modern Stills

Dieter Rams (aka the god of clean industrial design) gives an informative, personable interview here. A photo collection of his work can be found here.
-thanks to John

Dieter Rams, designer – Cold War Modern from Victoria and Albert Museum on Vimeo.

One of our current projects has just been outfitted with a site-cam to document the entire construction sequence. And while it’s not a movie, at a photo per minute it might as well be. When you take a photo that frequently on a jobsite you catch some peculiar activities. Like, for instance, a man in white space suit dancing for audience of one female. We’ll let you know how it works out for our dancing man.
-thanks to Mike

Magnolia site photo 01

Any video that addresses hands-on, down to earth architecture and at the same time exposes Peter Eisenman as a theoretical fruity-ass is good stuff in our opinion. The Snakebit movie trailer is based on the late Samuel Mockbee and his Rural Studio.  It’s good vitamins.
-thanks to Lou