Design & Cooking 01
[Photos by Jinyoung Yoon and Christopher Kicherer]

There is a powerful synergy between design and cooking.  It’s a wonderful thing to take the daily habits and necessities of life and make them beautiful. To elevate the routine utilities of survival into something extraordinary makes a day of hard-work more fulfilling.  We find that the same discipline informing good design commonly applies to food and cooking.  We take great pleasure in design and cooking -all the more so in the summer time when you can drag the dining room table out onto the deck and host dinner parties that last into the late summer evenings. There are a few resources doing some truly inspirational work when it comes to blending design and cooking. Hopefully some of them are fresh to you; as always let us know of your favorites.

Gastronomica 01b by Jake Price
[Photo by Jake Price]

Gastronomica, The Journal of Food and Culture
With excellent writing and extraordinary photographs this quarterly journal covers design, art, social movements, even a bit of history, and of course food. The recipes go beyond mere ingredients to arrive at a succulent dish, and expand into the origins and storytelling behind the foods.
One year subscription (4 issues) is $40.

Gastronomica 02 by Jinyoung Yoon
[Photo by Jinyoung Yoon]

Living & Eating 01 by Christopher Kicherer
[Photo by Christopher Kicherer]

Living and Eating, John Pawson and Annie Bell
From the book jacket: “Architect and designer John Pawson is renowned for his calm, uncluttered, flawless spaces. Together with food writer Annie Bell, he brings his philosophy of the minimalism to the kitchen.”

Living & Eating 08 Christopher Kicherer
[Photos by Christopher Kicherer]

This book is beautifully presented in crisp photos with simple, rich dishes. If you’re a fan of modernism you’ll find yourself drooling on the pages.

Living & Eating 02 Christopher Kicherer
[Photo by Christopher Kicherer]

Toward the back of the 300 page book is a list of recommended equipment that will leave you inspired and taking out a second mortgage. If this book does it for you, also check out the When Objects Work website for well designed kitchen goodies.
Potter Press, $30 – $40 new

Living & Eating 06 Christopher Kicherer
[Photo by Christopher Kicherer]

Sunset Magazine 02
[Photo by Thayer Allyson Gowdy]

Sunset Magazine, how to live in the west
Since embracing Pacific Northwest Modern design several years ago Sunset has really taken on some inspiring territory. The magazine does an excellent job of creating synergy between food, gardening, travel, architecture and design.

[Photo by Lisa Romerein]

The regional focus is always a nice ego boost. The featured architecture tends to be practical and achievable, the recipes are fun and casual. And you’d be foolish to go on a road-trip in the northwest without throwing a copy in the back seat.
One year subscription (12 issues) is $24

Sunset Magazine 03
[Photo by Thomas J. Story]

Cheers from all of us here at the BUILDblog; have yourself a weekend full of great food, drink and design.

Park Modern Dinner Party by Chase Jarvis
[Photo by Chase Jarvis]