BUILD is wrapping up a project that introduces translucency and light in some new ways; today’s post includes several finished photos of the assembly and covers some of the design and construction technicalities.

[Photo by BUILD LLC]

The open-tread stairway of this Seattle penthouse build-out is positioned in front and on top of the master-bath shower. A sheet of ¾” thick “Varia Modern Drift Green” manufactured by 3-Form separates the shower and the stair; light from the shower creates a glowing affect and illuminates the stairway.

[Photo of Drift Green sample by 3-Form]

[Photos by BUILD LLC]

The landing is made of 2” thick acrylic, sanded on all edges for a diffused light effect at the stairway and the shower below.  Three of the nine treads are outfitted with 24” long LB24X-WARP side-exit LED strip lights manufactured by LED Power.  This allows the shower inside to be artificially lit from the glow of the vertical panel. Because the landing also lets in natural light from the atrium above – it’s possible to shower without having to turn on any electricity.


[Photos by BUILD LLC]

The landing is held in place with galvanized steel angles concealed vertically behind the shower wall tile and exposed horizontally. A concealed door on the left side of the stairway allows access to the area under the stairs. The bamboo treads are prefabricated and manufactured by Teregren.

C-PH03_A0-6 Model (1)

[Photos by BUILD LLC]

C-PH03_A7 Model (1)

[Photos by BUILD LLC]

The general contractor on the project is Charter Construction. The lighting designer is Precision LD. The architect is Andrew van Leeuwen of BUILD LLC. The homeowners, who wish to remain anonymous, were instrumental in the design; their clever thinking and creative ideas were indispensable on this project.

[Photos by BUILD LLC]

We’ll cover the entire project more thoroughly in a future post, stay tuned…