maad.collective (modern architecture, art and design) is a multi-disciplinary collaboration tool and exposure engine. It is designed to connect top talent from different fields near and far, and to maximize the exposure gained for all involved.
-an enormous thanks to its mastermind Matthew

A shout-out to our friends at materialicious is long overdue. They’ve got a clever new format that’s easy to surf and keeps us engaged for hours when we should be working.

Wolfram Alpha is a new way to use the internet.  Its mission is to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone.  In addition to the God-like powers, we think you’ll like the visualizations.
-thanks to Donald
Wolfram Alpha

Get your eyeballs on over to Platform Furniture and Fabrication, Patrick Weder, Misewell and MC & Co.
-thanks to chief field correspondent Josiah
Platform FaF

We love things that are so well designed that they might go unnoticed, the Hiroshima Lounge Chair and Sofa designed by Naoto Fukasawa are just that.
-thanks to materialicious
hiroshima lounge chair

hiroshima sofa

There are a couple of great modern furniture auction sites on our radar, check out Wright and Phillips de Pury & Co
-thanks to Paul

The Blue Lounge Studio Desk does a nice job of dealing with all those pesky cords.
-thanks to Brian
Blue Lounge Studio Desk

Recently EcoSmart Fire came out with another twist on their vent less indoor fireplace.  We like.
EcoSmart Fire Zeta 01

We fell immediately in love with Noah Kalina’s expansive lonely scenes.  He’s a modern day Edward Hopper with a camera.  A really, really nice camera.  He also runs a clean blog.
[Photo by Noah Kalina]

Also on our favorites list is Neil Krug’s stylized photos of his girlfriend and model Joni Harbeck.  The photos were taken with Polaroid film years past its sell-by date.  Also check out his Flickr page.
Pulp by Neil Krug
[Photo by Neil Krug]

We’ve spent a bit of time on the SLOW HOME site, who’s goal is simple: to help people learn about the principles of good residential design and how to apply them in a variety of real world situations. We love the taking the information to the people attitude that its author John Brown upholds.
-thanks to chief field correspondent Josiah
Slow Home

Stop by PSFK for a giggle with the fold out dining room table that we thought was quite clever.
-thanks to Sally

Admittedly, we’re not huge fans of the cargo-tecture movement, but if there’s one group in the Northwest who can prove us wrong its Hybrid Architecture here in Seattle. Their latest project, the Georgetown Cargotecture Project, is currently being assembled.  It looks quite exciting and is said to be very cost effective.  Read more about it here.
Cargotecture photo by Joshua Trujillo courtesy of Seattle P.I.
[Photo by Joshua Trujillo courtesy of Seattle P.I.]

A BUILDblog fan recently recommended a great little building on Whidbey Island, the CVOC building which we took a liking to immediately.  Then like a couple of numbskulls we misplaced the email and subsequently can’t tell you who sent it in, or who the architect is.  A lot of help we are. If this is yours, please raise your hand.
-thanks to <gracious BUILDblog fan>
Whidbey CVOC

We love it when you comment on our blog and we usually follow the links to see what you’re up to as well.  Recently we found ourselves at bdoblog and became so engaged that we read through every post. Nice work to the peeps at bdo, keep up the critical thinking and great writing.
BDO blog

Each year the Seattle Architecture Foundation puts on their REPRESENTATIONS model show.  The opening reception is this tonight (Friday June 26th) at 5pm; music, food, drinks and cool architecture models all at the Foster/White Gallery in the Rainer Square Atrium on 5th Ave between Union and University.  More info here.
SAF Representations

Several months ago we got a call from an artist who was using Cor-Ten steel on a signage project. He had come across the BUILDblog post on weathering Cor-Ten steel and was wondering about solutions to accelerate the weathering process.  We gave him some advice and told him to check back in with the finished product and he did. We thought you might get a kick out of his work. He gave the Cor-Ten a sanding, cleaned it with alcohol and used gun black patina acid on the surface.  The results below were achieved in one week’s time. Nicely done Pascal, and thanks for checking back in with us.
-thanks to Pascal Giacomini
Corten by Pascal Giacomini

Check out the typography porn.
effektive smashing magazine

The Manhattan House designed in 1950 by Gordon Bunshaft has been a modern icon for almost 60 years now. Recently the building was updated and we think you’ll like the results. It’s refreshing to see a developer project stick to the disciplined roots of modern architecture. Definitely not the path of least resistance.
Manhattan House

Be careful with this link which allows you to compose simple melodies -all with a cleanly designed interface, it could easily consume your entire day.
-thanks to chief field correspondent Josiah

Same goes for the Crayon Physics drawing site.
-thanks to Jerry

The Rama project is looking at new ways of mapping. We like how perspective, elevation and plan are all shown within the same view.
Loop Map

Lorenzo Geiger is a typographic designer in Switzerland and recently he put together a diagrammatic visual which tracks violence in our newspapers. We like his design eye and we like the way his mind works.
Lorenzo Geiger

We like publications (digital or physical) that present a number of different facets like design, fashion and current affairs all with a common philosophy. Monocle from London (an offshoot of Wallpaper Magazine) does just that.
-thanks to Lou

A local Seattle non-profit group, Urban Sparks, is studying the possibility of an aerial tram in Seattle. It’s an interesting idea because the infrastructure has such a small footprint, read more about it here.
-thanks to Edward

That oughta keep you busy this weekend…