Why not start out with the Brazilians who continue to push the envelope of residential design. This house in the Santa Teresa neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro was designed by SPBR. We like how the design takes on the nature of habitation and psychology.

Cinco Camp in Brewster County Texas by Rhotenberry Wellen Architects might be one of the only shipping container projects that seems sensible to us. The Container are kept true to their form and efficiency. Rumor has it that the entire project cost less than $200,000 to transport, construct and outfit.
-thanks to archDaily

While Cor-ten steel might be getting a bit gratuitous in residential design we do like the Xeros Residence by Blank Studio. It possesses that beautifully boring aesthetic that we like so well.
-thanks to Josiah

Speaking of simplicity, Bellemo & Cat are doing a nice job of creating simple forms, rich in color and light.
-thanks to Josiah

Although the Jodlowa House by PCKO has been getting plenty of coverage we wanted to include it in today’s post because it reminds us of the Farnsworth House – only with more texture and character. Trendir has done a fantastic job of covering the project.
-thanks to Josiah and trendir

We’re still not sure if we’re big fans of the project but the technology of the Gantenbein Winery façade is fascinating. Gramazio & Kohler architects engineered a process in which bricks are arranged robotically in the shop to conform to patterns generated digitally. In this case the bricks give the illusion of grapes in a basket. The pre-fab brick walls are then brought out to the site and lifted into place. Grapes in a basket? Really? All that sophisticated technology and hard work for… grapes in a basket?
-thanks to Josiah

The work of Hosaka Takeshi Architects has that boiled down minimalism without losing the poetics balance that is so hard to achieve. We’d like to think that the Love House established its roof lines based on the arc of celestial objects, but we couldn’t find any facts to back that up. So we’re going to take an ignorance is bliss approach.
-thanks to Josiah

Some dynamic furniture hit our static desks the other day and it knocked us out of our seats. Get your eyeballs on the Fletcher Capstan Expanding table by DB Fletcher and the walking table by Wouter Scheublin and tell us you’re not impressed.
-Thanks to Paul

Along the lines of dynamic design, one of our favorite blogs Le territoire des sens covered a fascinating artist/designer/builder a while back. Watching the process in which Reuben Margolin works is as beautiful as observing his kinetic sculptures. While his Hexagonal Wave of 2008 takes the prize, he has a number of process videos, all of which are worth the watch.
-thanks to Andrée-Anne

The Next Room databank is an extraordinary site that lists institutional work around the world of exemplary caliber. The site is clean and thorough, with crisp photos of the work. There is a tremendous amount of data on the site and it should be a very good resource.
-thanks to Mike

Seattlebubble is an interactive data site that generates visual displays for real estate sales. If you’re remotely involved in the design and construction industry, it’s a good tool to gauge your future business.
-thanks to John