Our Raising the Bar series is a means to communicate directly with the community about the architecture we experience on a daily basis.  As a theme, it examines the lack of good design in our built environment and highlights exemplary projects that are leading the way to a healthier, more inspiring society. We’ve been talking to our friends and colleagues lately about the state of townhomes in Seattle, and for today’s post we’re highlighting three well-executed examples of modern, urban living. These projects were selected not only because of the gorgeous finished products, but also because of the design teams involved. Behind each of these projects is a team of architects dedicated to doing good work, developers who are concerned with the built environment and banks willing to invest in the quality of life here in the northwest. Our martini glasses are raised to all of you – cheers and congratulations on some very intelligent projects.

EAST LAKE UNION LOFTS 2350 Minor Avenue East
Designed by Carsten Stinn Architecture, the project includes 6 town-homes very well located in Seattle’s East Lake neighborhood.


“These homes have been designed to merge modern architecture and cutting edge green construction, ultimately providing a home that is not only environmentally sound, but also visually stunning.”


“This project is a new unique interpretation of dwelling within city limits. We have abandoned the current model of ‘profitability-by-cheap-formula’ in order to support the ‘community model’. The concept for the project was conceived out of the conviction that multi-family sites can be developed in a fresh new way and set itself apart from cookie-cutter development that we see all over Seattle.”




Homes at the Lake Union Lofts are currently on the market and the managing broker, Jon Hunter, can be reached at 206.228.1974.

1526 19th Avenue
Designed by b9architects, the project includes 7 town-homes situated within walking distance of all the action on Capitol Hill.


“This design is about a canyon; a place for people to walk, hang out, and visit with a neighbor; a place to be community.”


Cars are discreetly tucked away under a trellis at the edge of the site so that neighbors have a chance to interact in an informal setting.


“The canyon’s orientation allows for southern light and air to reach all of the units and penetrate the site. Entries are accessed from the pedestrian canyon. The massing allows roof decks with views back into the canyon and to the Cascade Mountains to the east for all homes.”


The project is entirely sold out with one available resale currently on the market. The realtor, Todd Hagan, can be reached at 206.448.6400.

1320 East Remington Court
Designed by Hybrid Seattle, the project includes 3 town-homes located on 1st Hill.


“Remington Court Urban Dwelling is a progressive Seattle modern home development. Sophisticated in design and complimentary to the progressive needs of urban sustainability.”


The project gives a 360 degree view of the neighborhood on the vegetated roof top deck. The roof top deck is equipped with 8″ of soil allowing home owners the opportunity to experience roof top gardening.


The architects are hosting a release party on Friday, May 1st from 5pm to Midnight, check out the invite here. The event will host live music by Seattle’s very own Spoonman.


Homes at Remington Court are currently on the market and the managing broker, Dararith Marith can be reached at 206.322.8711