Over the weekend we got a phone call with the sort of assignment that really gets our gears spinning. A friend of a friend organizes the tour logistics for a famous rock-star and they were looking for lodging options for an upcoming Barcelona tour. The lodging options had to be hot, modern and preferably private residences. BUILD was tasked with providing the names of well-known modern architects doing good work in Barcelona – the tour organizers would take it from there. Martinis half finished and bar stools still spinning in place, we were out the door and getting to business. Below are the 8 architects we came up with and a sample of the work they do;  the research also became a quick tour of recent residential work in the Catalonia region.

Alvaro Leite Siza, Tolo House


Carme Pinos, House in Vallcarca

Ricardo Bofill, Familiar House

Vincent Guallart, Hortal House

Carlos Ferrater, Alonso House and Casa Nolla


Hidaldo Hartmann Architects, Casa Bianna

Mangera Yvars Architects, Villa Valldoreix

Monica Rivera + Emiliano Lopez, 3,60 x 20 + Patio

For any of you as nerdy about this sort of research as we are, here are a few additional architects that we considered, but they didn’t seem to have any residential projects in Barcelona (correct us if we’re wrong): Enric Miralles, Eduardo Souto Moura, Rafael Moneo, Jordi Garces, Abalos + Herreros, Josep Lluis Mateo, Xavier Vilalta Studio

You know the drill, if you know something we don’t – let us know.