Our new favorite architecture blog is arch Daily.  Not only do these guys keep you up to date on hot international projects but they provide all that delicious data as well.
-thanks to senior field correspondent Josiah

We’re constantly struggling with our philosophy of digital, architectural rendering.  Producing photo-realistic renderings is costly, time consuming and not necessarily needed if you can visualize the finished product in your mind.  At the same time there is an important craft to renderings and a good rendering illustrates key aspects of reality.  We’re always on the lookout for groups who are finding that balance between efficient renderings and photo-realism; the digital rock-stars at XTEN are doing just that.
-thanks to Josiah
[Rendering by XTEN]

Thank God for long exposure photography – any dull scene can become something brilliant and dynamic – check out some of these super-slick shots.
-thanks to Jason
[Photo by BUR?BLUE]

Our new favorite application for the iPHONE is “Camera Bag” available for $2.99.  It’s full of cool filter tools like “1962″, “1974” and “Instant” as seen in the shots below.
-thanks to Chase Jarvis Photography
[Photos by BUILD LLC]

For some clean, simple logos, get your eyeballs on Logofavs; a logo design inspiration gallery that represents a variety of designers
-thanks to Josiah
[Design by Muamer Adilovic]

At the moment we’re reading “Rise of the Creative Class” by Richard Florida.
“Florida’s theory asserts that metropolitan regions with high concentrations of high-tech workers, artists, musicians, lesbians and gay men, and a group he describes as “high bohemians”, correlate with a higher level of economic development. Florida posits the theory that the creative class fosters an open, dynamic, personal and professional environment. This environment, in turn, attracts more creative people, as well as businesses and capital. He suggests that attracting and retaining high-quality talent, versus a singular focus on infrastructure projects such as sports stadiums, iconic buildings, and shopping centers, would be a better primary use of a city’s regeneration resources for long-term prosperity.” –Wikipedia

The December issue of the Atlantic Monthly has a great article by P.J. O’Rourke titled “Future Schlock” based on Disneylands newest “House of the Future” exhibit – intended to evoke the enthusiasm of the project from the 1950’s.  The result?.. Dumb, beige and mediocre.

Clothing design isn’t usually part of our gig here at the BUILDblog but when a uniform is so well engineered that every stitch counts – we take notice.  You’ve most likely already come across the clip “wingsuit base jumping” of the flying Norwegians… absolutely incredible.  As if pushing a mouse around all day didn’t seem boring enough before flying suits.
-thanks to John

We admit it, okay.  We’re the last ones to the party on this one – everyone but us has covered it.  But nonetheless, it’s news and it’s an indication of the tough times ahead.  John Morefield’s Ballard Sunday market booth which sells architectural advice for 5¢ symbolizes the spirit of our time – architects just try’n to do architecture.
[Photo courtesy of the Seattle P.I.]

Orginally started in Germany, “Passive House” design is quickly making “Green Design” seem like dumping toxic rocket fuel in your backyard.  The technology and mindset of Passive Design are making their way to the states; educate yourself here or attend the Northwest Ecobuilding Guild presentation on February 8th.
-thanks to Donald
[Photo courtesy of Wikipedia]

The University of Washington is hosting a lecture by Lise Anne Couture on Wednesday, January 28th at 6pm in Architecture Hall 147.  Couture is principal of uber-super-future design shop Asymptote with Hani Rashid. This event was canceled.  Instead of noting this on their website, the UW department of architecture simply removed it from their lecture series as if it never existed – leaving us potential attendees entirely out in the dark.  Thanks for the clear communication UW!
[Photo by Alex Cao]

Is it terrifying or absolutely hilarious that even the starchitects are fighting over insignificant projects out there?  You be the judge.

We’ve come across some really handsome, modern residential design lately.  Check out the work of Garduno Architects out of Mexico…
[Photo courtesy Garduno Architects]

…and Steven Kent of southern California.
-thanks to Josiah and Mike
[Photo courtesy Steven Kent]

We’ve been keeping the wraps on our little cabinet shop until we’re ready for the full press release -so if you say anything about this we’ll deny everything and blame it on alcohol.  The cabinet shop will include a line of custom designed furniture and we thought we’d give you insiders a sneak peak at some of the sleek, modern connection details that are coming together.  Stay tuned…


We love diagrams.  And when a diagram can convey a bulk of complicated information as well as a bit of humor, all the better.  The Folks at Goldstar Beer covered both bases -then continued on to tackle the male/female dynamics of modern day society.  Larger versions of these BRILLIANT diagrams can be found here.
-thanks to Chris


[Flowcharts by Goldstar Beer and McCann Erickson]