On Wednesday November 5th BUILD initiated the first YAD event.  Young Architects Day is an afternoon/early-evening event in Seattle that allows for some cross-pollination within the architecture industry.  We like to keep a pulse on the new talent in town and the occasion allows young architects to see what our design-build practice is up to.  By kicking the tires on a couple of our projects we have the opportunity to spread some good knowledge; the excellent questions and comments we get help us refine our process and keep us open to new ideas.  Overall it was a great success and a good time – thanks to everyone who participated.  On the agenda was an office and Park Modern tour, a tour of a project in process and a completed project.  We wrapped up the afternoon with refreshments and eats at our recently competed Picnic food & wine boutique on Phinney Ridge.

To the architecture firms and employers in the industry: this is a group of highly motivated, sharp young architects.  They gave up an entire afternoon of their busy lives just to check out some architecture and discuss the profession – outstanding.  Drop us a line if you’d like some highly recommended candidates to interview for your firms.

To the rest of the young, ambitious architects and students of architecture out there: keep a pulse on the BUILDblog for future YAD events, we’ll be getting another one on the agenda in the coming months.

Here’s a photo recap of the event:

Throwing some darts at the BUILD process of design + construction.

Kevin Eckert of BUILD leading an office tour and discussing the correct way to hold a handgun.

Taking in the view and discussing the do’s & don’ts of deck design.

Kevin Eckert and Andrew van Leeuwen of BUILD on how to correctly drink Herkimer coffee.

On the jobsite discussing panelized siding, landscaping and whether or not to paint the stone…

Andrew using made-up words like “horizontality”.

Great food, wine and discussion at Picnic

Kevin leading a demonstration of his famous hand-shadow giraffe

more food and drink…



Thanks again to everyone involved – the effort, time and discussions were greatly appreciated.  It was fantastic to meet everyone and overall a pleasurable way to spend our Wednesday afternoon.