Not too long ago we threw a few tomatoes at the townhouse model that has proliferated in the northwest.  It felt good to get a few things off our chest, and after any good rant we felt compelled to get back in the game, scratch our heads a bit and figure out how to get the ship back on course.  As a first step we’re assembling a list of good examples for low-rise multi-family housing projects.  Our buddy Mike, BUILDblog fan and frequent commenter, took the ball and ran with it – he came up with today’s roster which covers some great examples of low-rise, multi-family housing in Europe.  Thanks for the hard work Mike.  We’ll follow up in a few days with a U.S. version that brings it all back home.

Carabanchel Housing by FOA in Madrid, Spain

[photo by Francisco Andeyro Garcia & Alehjandro Garcia Gonazalez, Sergio Padura]

Koenigsweg Atelierhaus by Becher Rottkamp in Berlin

[photo courtesy of Becher Rottkamp]

Lansdowne Apartments by John Pawson in the United Kingdom

[photo courtesy of John Pawson]

Neudorfstraße Oelzbuendt Dornbirn by Hermann Kaufmann in Germany

[photo courtesy of Hermann Kaufmann]

Ölzbündt Dornbirn by Hermann Kaufmann in Germany

[photo courtesy of Hermann Kaufmann]

Peabody Housing by Niall Mclaughlin in London

[photo courtesy of Niall Mclaughlin]

Schots 1&2, by s333 in Groningen, Netherlands

[photo courtesy of S333]

Seewurfel Residential Complex by Camenzind Evolution in Switzerland

[photo courtesy of Camenzind Evolution]

Temistocles 12 by JSa in Polanco, Spain

[photo by Paul Rivera & Mariana Ugalde]

Tietgen Kollegiet by Lundgaard and Tranberg in Denmark

[photo courtesy of]

VM House by BIG in Copenhagen

[photo courtesy of BIG)

Wohnhaus Kaiserstrasse by Gerner Gerner Plus

[photo by Manfred Seidel)

Wimbergergasse Town Houses by Delugan & Meissl

[photo courtesy of Delugan & Meissl)

Wohnanlage Muehlweg by Hermann Kaufman

[photo courtesy of Hermann Kaufmann)

Lohbach by Baumshlager & Eberle in  Innsbruck, Austria

[photo courtesy of