Thanks to the constant harassment of our tech savvy friends, we’ve finally migrated the Flash based Modern List website to an html blog format. Subsequently the new and improved Modern List has a fresh face and better function (hopefully). The benefits are:

The Modern List now works on your iPhone, Treo and Blackberry
There are hotlinks to Google Maps for addresses & auto dial hotlinks for phone #s
The entire site is now html so you can copy and paste the text
The loading should be a bit faster
It’s easier and faster for us to update the content
Our friends can’t make fun of us anymore for using Flash

The disadvantage of moving from a Flash based site is that we have less control over the graphics and composition of the site – but we’ve done our best with the WordPress template. The Flash based site also worked well with the Adobe Illustrator files which were the source files for the physical book. So there won’t be a book anymore -but who needs a book when you can get it on your iPhone.

So take The Modern List Seattle for a test spin and tell us what you think. After we get some feedback we’ll continue to update the other cities and maybe even add more…