BUILD is heading to the south-west and we need your advice. We’ve put together a rough agenda of modern gems not to be missed but this is a part of the globe we’re not particularly familiar with and we could use some pointers. While the natural wonders in this region are spectacular this tour is all about art and architecture. Here’s what we’ve come up with so far, let us know what we need to get on the agenda.

Walter De Maria Lighting Field in Quemado New Mexico
[Photo by Dia Art Foundation]
[Photo courtesy of Dia Art Foundation]

Taliesin West in Scottsdale Arizona by Frank Lloyd Wright

[Photo courtesy of Taliesin West]

Phoenix Central Library in Phoenix Arizona by Will Bruder
1221 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ

[Photos by Timothy Swope]

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in Arizona by Will Bruder
7374 East 2nd Str

Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale Arizona, 6850 E. Main Str

National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Socorro New Mexico

Roden Crater in Flagstaff Arizona

Holy Cross Chapel at 780 Chapel Rd Sedona Arizona

Mii Amo Spa & Enchantment Resort in Sedona Arizona by Gluckman Maynar Architects

Meinel Optical Science Research Building by Richärd + Bauer Architecture
University of Arizona Campus in Tuscon Arizona

Stevie Eller Dance Theatre by Gould Evans Associates
University of Arizona Campus in Tuscon Arizona

Citizens Bank of Clovis in New Mexico

Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix Arizona by Frank Lloyd Wright, 1929

First Christian Church Bell Tower in Phoenix Arizona by Frank Lloyd Wright

There is quite a bit of work by architect Rick Joy that we greatly admire however the residences seem rather secluded and private – so we’re not planning on any fly-bys. Let us know if you know of any public work by Rick Joy, restaurants, bars…

Thanks to 2modern for their previous post on “Modern Phoenix” which helped us out with our research.