If Georgetown is one thing- it’s cool, it’s so cool it doesn’t care what anybody thinks about it. Located approximately 3 miles south of downtown, Georgetown is Seattle’s Brooklyn. It’s got the proximity to keep urban but the distance to elude the touristimos. While compact, Georgetown has everything a Seattleite needs: cost-effective real estate, pizza, and good coffee.

The history of Georgetown is quite amazing, but this isn’t a history lesson – it’s a few tips to what’s hot and modern. Here’s what the BUILD field research team came up with:

Great Stuff is our new favorite furnishing shop in town. Owner Kirk Albert has created a brilliant and inspiring shop of restored and re-appropriated antique and mid-century modern objects. From sculpture to dynamic lighting to machines that hold flowers, Great Stuff has some of that fascinating urban grit that your pad needs.
Great Stuff, vintage furnishings, 5517 Airport Way S, 206.931.6208

All your caffeine needs can be taken care of at All City Coffee. The clean, open interiors are finished with mid-century modern fixtures and the place is filled with coolios – faces aglow at their laptops.
All City Coffee, 1205 South Vale

George can take care of your well appointed stationary needs and miscellaneous household/office items.
George, 5633 airport way south, 206.763.8100

A trip to Georgetown is not complete without paying homage to the Hat n’ Boots Gas Station. Built in 1955 at its original location of 6800 Corson Avenue S on the corner of E Marginal Way the station was closed in 1988 and later moved to Oxbow Park. Its current state shows off the incredible steel skeletal system of the 44 foot diameter cowboy hat, the 22 foot high cowboy boot bathrooms remain in good shape despite of bit of graffiti. More history on the Hat n’ Boots Gas Station can be found here.
Hat n’ Boots Gas Station, Oxbow Park, 6400 Corson Ave S

There are a couple of noteworthy residential projects in Georgetown worth taking a peek at:
6604 Corson Ave S Lofts

6708 Corson Ave S

A hot, modern line of scooters lines the curb outside of Big People Scooters.
Big People Scooters, 5951 Airport Way S, 206.763.0160

The Georgetown Brewing Company has been hard at work with their brews. Prized by Seattleites, they supply the city with Manny’s Pale Ale, Roger’s Pilsner, and the difficult to find Bob’s Brown Ale. Visiting the brewery allows some nice viewpoints of the surrounding brick industrial architecture as well.
Georgetown Brewing Company, 5840 Airport Way S, 206.766.8055

Although we didn’t make it here, the Georgetown Power Plant Museum seems like it would be well worth the time. As their website states: “The mission of the Georgetown Powerplant Museum is to preserve, maintain, and operate the Georgetown Steam Plant as a dynamic museum and teaching facility.” Which is great, cause we all like a bit of power once and a while.
Georgetown Power Plant Museum, 6605 13th Avenue S, 206.763.2542

Stellar Pizza sells by the slice
Stellar Pizza, 5513 AIRPORT WAY S, 206 763 1660

Quite possibly the hottest piece of modern design in the northwest is housed at Boeing field, just south of Georgetown. While technically the Museum of Flight resides in Tukwila, Georgetown makes for a convenient diving board – and let’s face it we’re not going to be covering the design scene of Tukwila anytime in the near future.

The Concorde Supersonic Transport is gorgeous, sleek and pure function. First flown commercially in 1976, it defined uber-chic travel for the next 27 years. Decommissioned in 2003 the Concord set the world speed record between New York and Seattle at 3 hours and 55 minutes.

Capable of 1,350 mph, or nearly twice the speed of sound, the Concorde now sits idle and can be toured in conjunction with admission to the Museum of Flight.

The Museum of Flight is well worth a tour for the design conscious – whether you’re an aviation geek or not you can’t help but respect a room full of objects designed to defy gravity.
The Museum of Flight, 9404 E Marginal Way S, 206.764.5720

Thanks to our buddy Josiah for the hot tips
[All photos and images by BUILD LLC]