PNWM 030908

<begin shameless plug>
Just when someone recently compliments us on having a “concern for the greater good instead of self centered hype and promotion” we’ve got to go screwing it all up. Over the weekend the Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine gave BUILD and the Park Modern some great press. With approximately 450,000 sets of eyeballs looking at the Seattle Times each Sunday it’s darn exciting for our little firm. The article features an interview with our very own CEO, Kevin Eckert, and highlights our Park Modern project; home to the BUILD world headquarters (all 4 of us) and also houses the partners and their families. If you’ve made it this far you may be interested in some of our goals and beliefs outlined in the article; they have guided us in shaping the blog as well as the Park Modern and many other custom projects.

<end shameless plug>

Okay, we got it out of our system, apologies right here and now to Jay and all. We’ll get back to business now…