There are a few hot items new to Seattle that we want to get up on the blog. First and foremost we finally have our light-rail transit. Since December 12th the brightly colored streetcars have been making their way from south Lake Union to Westlake.  There’s hope for Seattle yet…

Seattle streetcar

Our good friend Josiah tipped us off to the Inhabit project which proposes modern, modular apartment living. The demo rooftop pod located at Rainier Square can be toured via appointment.

Inhabit Seattle

Queen Anne’s How to Cook a Wolf is a calm, warm, intimate, modern space. All reviews point to the food being phenomenal. Our quick peek at the interiors reminded us a bit of Butter in NYC.

How to Cook a Wolf, Seattle

How to Cook a Wolf, Seattle

Noteworthy local restaurants are popping up all over Seattle lately. While most of them don’t exude modernism from a visual standpoint they are quite progressive in their concept. You know, in that get back to farm fresh food in a community focused sort of way. The restaurants that deserve mention are small scale, chef-owned and have established strong connections with individual farms around the area. Plates tend to be smaller and sharing is typically the protocol. Often there isn’t a menu, but rather a chalkboard explaining what came from the farm today and how it’s being prepared. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Tilth in Wallingford. Chef Maria Hines also runs a nice blog
Sitka & Spruce in Eastlake
Pair north of the University District

And for you foodies out there, make sure and check out our new favorite Seattle restaurant review website: eating-seattle