There are a couple of new hot spots on The Modern List radar here in Seattle. The good news is that both projects are hot off the press – the bad news is that they’re so fresh you’ll have to put up with my amateur iphone pics. Muse Coffee on the west slope of Queen Anne hill opened just a couple of weeks ago. Owner Brent Martin wanted a modern space with a sense of humor and designer Kelley L Moore delivered.

Muse Coffee Co.

The new interior (formerly Holley’s coffee shop) is filled with an eclectic array of furniture including a hanging basket chair just like the one your uncle Oly used to have at the lake cabin – it was fun then and its fun now. The simulated wood stove adds a tongue-in-cheek indulgence to the space and makes for a nice refuge from the gray Seattle winter.

Muse Coffee Co.

Moore’s interior concept gets at that modern + antiquity feel that we’ve been noticing in Manhattan. The Zettel’z paper chandeliers fill up the volume nicely and while there is a lot going on in the space it feels homey (modern homey, that is).

Muse Coffee Co.

Muse Coffee Co., 1907 10th Ave W 206.271.5749

The Station Bistro in Ballard recently opened after an extensive remodel to the previous auto mechanic shop which was in operation since 1943. The interiors make good use of found-objects and combine them with a modern backdrop. The tables are revamped chalkboards from a nearby high school, the bar is a previous chemistry lab-top and the railings are made from old muffler pipe – most of which found at the ReStore. The Station serves drinks and tapas style dinner. 3 large garage doors open up to the outdoor terrace in the summer time.

The Station Bistro

The Station
, 4910 Leary Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107