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As an alumni of the University of Kansas Masters’ Program and Studio 804, we feel overdue to give a big shout-out to the inspired and (well, there is no other way to say it) ass-kicking work that has poured out of that studio over the last decade. In an era of suffocating niche specialties and esoteric design solutions, Studio 804 continues to develop single family homes that push the envelope in how people live, what people need and desire for shelter while maintaining a clear, rational and understated methodology. This clear intentionality still influences what we do here today at our own design/ build firm.

In 1996 (how time flies), a small group of students designed, permitted and built the shell of a home in a semester studio on a rural roadless site in Douglas County KS (where?, exactly) with the use of (2) skilsaws, (2) corded drills, a borrowed generator and a pick-up that I think we found on the side of the road.

Studio 804 has grown from that humble start to win the house of year award from Architecture magazine TWICE as well as other well-earned accolades- beating not only other inspired design/build studio projects but all other Architects as well.

Kudos to Professor Dan Rockhill and the years of students that have contributed to this no-nonsense, just build beautiful things, studio program. Please keep doing what you’re doing.

534 Riverview Avenue, Kansas City KS

534 Riverview Avenue

534 Riverview Avenue

Modular 4

Modular 4

750 Shawnee Road, Kansas City KS

750 Shawnee Road

1603 Random Road, Lawrence KS

1603 Random Road

3808 Lloyd Str, Kansas City KS

3808 Lloyd Str

1718 Atherton Ct, Lawrence KS

1718 Atherton Ct

216 Alabama Str, Lawrence KS

216 Alabama Str

1144 Pennsylvania Str, Lawrence KS

1144 Pennsylvania Str

Mcrea Studio, Douglas County KS

Mcrea Studio

Mcrea Studio

Mcrea Studio