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Today, Park Modern is complete. Ten Pachi Salon and Store has officially opened its doors. Our partner, good friend and kindred spirit, Dot Hachey, has launched her unabashedly modern salon- modern in form, process, approach and goods.

Ten Pachi facade

Dot is responsible for the genesis of Park Modern; she visited BUILD at our Capitol Hill Studio 4 or 5 years ago to design and build a professional/artisan building at 5615 University Way- on one of the two parcels now occupied by Park Modern. BUILD’s and Dot’s vision for the new building were uncannily intertwined. The basis of a long standing business relationship and friendship was established instantly.

Ten Pachi interior 1

Ten Pachi interior 2
Dot’s vision, similar to her previous east coast salons, for the new Ten Pachi was to create a beautiful building for her salon as well as offering similar types of spaces for like-minded and complimentary businesses. Through our partnership and what can only be summarized as providence (along with a healthy dose of legwork, effort and adventure), the partners here at BUILD formed another company, Urban Rowhouse LLC, along with Dot, and purchased the adjacent property.

Ten Pachi interior 3

Ten Pachi interior 4

Ten Pachi interior 5

The goal of completing a building with like-minded businesses was retained with the new BUILD office and our friends at Herkimer Coffee occupying the commercial units adjacent to Ten Pachi. And the twelve homes above have only added to the serendipity. Ten Pachi, like many other modern projects in town, has been added to TheModernList Seattle. Stop in for a haircut and a dose of modernism sometime.

Ten Pachi Logo

Ten Pachi
Modern Salon and Store

5611 University Way NE 100-A
Seattle WA 98105