The new decks here at the Park Modern Building are begging for hot, modern barbeques – and even though it’s no longer BBQ season we’ve done our research and we’re are ready to get grilling. No surprise – most of the well designed modern barbeques are coming from Scandinavia, the UK and Australia. Here are the BUILD findings in alphabetical order. Let us know if we missed anything out there and post your own recommendations…

BGE: Big Green Egg ~$600

Big Green Egg

Conmoto: Grill Magic ~$500


Grill Magic

Conran: bY Range (No listed price)

bY Range

Dancook: 1000 ~$200 The classic look

Dancook 1000

Dancook: 1500 Charcoal ~$400

Dancook 1500

Electrolux: designed by Jeppe Utzon $9,000 to $10,000

Ten thousand dollars? Yeah right – we’ll take 3 – c’mon Utzon it’s a BBQ not an opera house.



Eva Solo: Charcoal Grill $650

Eva Solo Charcoal


Eva Solo: Gas Grill $1800

Eva Solo Gas
Eva Solo: Metal Bucket Grill $38

Eva Solo Metal Bucket Grill

First Nordic: Tablegrill

Table Grill

Fuego: 01 Grill ~$3000

BBQ companies take note – this is how you advertise a hot, modern BBQ

Fuego 01

Fuego: 02 Grill (the scaled down version) ~$1700

Apparently the smaller unit doesn’t come with models

Fuego 02

Leiro Star: patio barbeque grill ~$1500

Leiro Star

Leisuregrow: Phoenix Triple Roaster BBQ ~$500

Phoenix Triple Roaster

Outback: Elite Diamond 3 burner ~$500

Elite Diamond 3 Burner

Outback: Elite Granite 2 burner ~$200

Elite Granite 2 burner

Outback: Excel 100 ~$150

Excel 100

Décor Pebble: Tabachi (no listed price for the box)

Despite having the the worst website in the history of BBQs the simple, clean box has potential.



Viking: Charcoal Ceramic Cooking Capsule ~$3600

Charcoal Capsule

Weber: Joe Gold Turquoise ~$100 Cost effective and classic