This past week the BUILD world headquarters seemed inundated with telemarketing phone calls. We figured it was time to revisit a clever telemarketing counter-script generated by a Dutch graphic designer named Martijn Engelbregt. The book False Flat explains his counter-script thusly:

“A one-sheet manual that maps, with words, colors, and arrows, a method to sabotage the intrusive questionnaires used by telemarketers, allowing one to take control of the flow of questions and answers.”

Apparently the experiment worked so well that Engelbregt had telemarketers threatening to sue him, proving that in addition to being a well-composed diagram it’s also a powerful catalyst.

Martijn – we salute you and your diagram.  Telemarketers – we’re not interested, please take us off your call list.

The full size, downloadable version of the script can be found here.

Counter script 06