The work of Avro|KO is street-front unassuming, most of their projects in Manhattan are so well integrated with the grit of the city that the untrained eye could walk right past and not even notice the hot modernism going on inside. And intentionally so, any of us involved in design know that situating the new within a rich, preexisting context takes a tremendous amount of discipline and work. It isn’t until you catch a glimpse of the dimly lit antiquity inside that your curiosity is stirred. It may be a librarian’s card catalog assimilated within a sophisticated lounge, a glossy porcelain cow bust mounted to the wall, or a weathered brick backdrop displayed as if recently recovered from an archaeological dig. Despite the masterful salvage and reuse of objects from different cultural times, the work of Avro|KO is design-forward. The careful adjacencies of modernism and archeology cause an architectural experience that is indulgent and yet perfectly sensible. You can find the restaurants of Avro|KO on TheModernList Manhattan.

European Union 235 E 4th Str 212.254.2900

European Union 03

European Union 02

European Union 01

European Union 05

Public 210 Elizabeth Str 212.343.7011

Public 01

Public 02

Public 03

Public 04

The Monday Room 210 Elizabeth Str 212.343.7011

Monday Room 01

Monday Room 02

Quality Meats 57 W 58th Str 212.371.7777

Quality Meats 01

Quality Meats 02

Quality Meats 03

Quality Meats 04

Quality Meats 05

Sapa 43 W 24th Str 212.929.1800

Sapa 01

Sapa 02

Stanton Social 99 Stanton Str 212.995.0099

Stanton Social 01

oh, and the food and drink at these establishments is equally pleasing, but there are different blogs for that…